A few questions about mining

Hi all,

Just started mining on zec.supernova today, getting around 26 Sols/s on a 1080gtx and i7 cpu and using the cloned nheqminer from supernova, I have a few questions:

First of all, do Sols/s equate to KH/s MH/s?

Does it look like the speed you’d expect from a 1080?

And the big one, do we know what time zcash will be released today apart from SF morning as per their twitter?

Thanks all and this looks like a great community and a great coin, I’m glad I found it!

Looks a bit low to me. I would expect at least 50 Sols/s for this setup.

Sol/s = H/s :slight_smile:

Are you sure both the GPU and CPU are mining? If it’s only the GPU than it should be about right I think.

No official time yet. Maybe in 10-15 hours from now (my guess).

Im getting close to 30h/s on a OCed Titan X so I think it’s low.

Are you running v 2.a of that miner or v 2 ?

Ah, looking at HWmonitor it appears to only be the CPU, not sure where I went wrong. And only 50% CPU usage at that. I’d better take a look at my settings, atm it’s just:

nheqminer -u username -p password -t 4

EDIT: It’s v0.2a

use -t 0 -cd 0 to run only the GPU
or just -cd 0 for CPU=GPU

Thanks troll! I’ve set -t 7 and -cd 0 and now it’s using 90%~ of my CPU and 50% of my GPU. Am I right in thinking that playing with the -cb and -ct values might help get more out of my GPU?

Up to 48 Sols/s now :slight_smile:

EDIT: Actually nvm, I’m already getting 100% GPU usage, was looking at the wrong figure on HWMonitor!

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48 Sols/s is much better. Try to play a bit around. Maybe use -t 8, I think this starts 7 mining threads and leaves one thread for control.

Hello man so i have a question i started mining on suprnova and i have 0.0052 ZEC how can i withdraw this into real money,sorry for my bad english.