ASICs & Scope of their Advantage


I have a doubt that perhaps someone more knowledgeable here could help me solve it (or test it!). As far as I understand, ASICs equipment is highly specific to their function and therefore leaves little to no flexibility.

Bitcoin’s ASICs, for instance, is designed to:

  • perform a double sha256 hash
  • hashing 80 bytes
  • find the 4 zero-bytes

My doubt is as follow: what would be the expected relative advantage of an ASIC (like S9) vs a GPU if we were to perform a triple sha256 hash, sha256(sha256(sha256(x)))?


ps: This is for a small side project, I’m not proposing using triple sha256 to “fight ASICs”

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I want to speak about Scope of ASIC advantage.

Guys who own asics, I really need you here.

I am struggling to find any benefits, what we gained for the past 9 months of happy asic mining.

Please list some convincing ones.

electricity costs are down so low I can HODL from running the rigs to cooling.

GPU I was running 18,000 to 23,000 watts

ASIC roughly 2900 watts with only 1 of 2 3.5 ton air liebert AC units turned on for cooling

and I am not paying a DEV fee

23 kw - what gpu’s did you have?

2900 watts with asics i assume you have nine z9 minis?

I had 50+ 1080 ti mix of hybrids and triple fan cooled

23kw sounds more like 100x1080tis

I wrote this once a lil while back
“I believe a measure of Asic resistance, at its core, is immoral and essentially is an act of vengeance primarily supported by those who will be affected monetarily and not by those who understand the foundations value of cognizance”
That being said I fully support the idea of a “harmony mining” setup designed to be highly inclusive (which is an NU4 wishlist now) so go read about that
And I still stand by that because about a year ago when the z9 came out a lot of gpu miners around here were displeased and left and haven’t been back since

Mods, the doubt was already cleared through experiments. You can close this now.

Thanks for the update @tloriato :slightly_smiling_face: