ASICs vs GPU for Zcash Hardware Discussion

This thread is for users to discuss the pros/cons of CPU/GPU/ASIC hardware for mining Zcash.

This is a continuation of the epic 2000 post “Lets talk about ASIC Mining” thread Let’s talk about ASIC mining

We decided there are two main themes of discussion taking place in that thread. Hardware (GPU vs ASIC) and Software (Proof of Work)

This first thread is for the Hardware aspects, the other is for Software (ie Proof of Work changes)

Which is more efficient long term for Mining? ASIC or GPU? Why?

Since we have to start clean again. Here we go. It was mentioned a few times about Samsung entering the fray to compete with in the ASIC market. This is not actually true folks. They will make chips for a “unspecified customer” just like TSMC does, for GPU companies and Bitmain. They will not be competing with Bitmain despite recent comments in the mega thread. Please read through the article again for confirmation. Yes they will make ASIC chips, just not for themselves. That customer could actually end up being Bitmain for all we know. It would kinda make sense, it would definitely boost their ability to get product out the door.

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I agree to this. The only thing i think disagree is that it will be for several companies. If i remember right when first announced it was said “partnership with an Asic producer”. The word partnership could and will mean mostly exclusively, at least in my English understandings.

And i could bet it is Bitmain. Asic Producer, Bitmain produces AI graphic cards as well, even robots. Only Asic manufactor that makes sense for a giant like Samsung. Just my bet, i could be totally wrong of course.

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We will have to wait and see, eventually they will let it be known.