Asrock H81 Pro BTC - How to setup Multi rig with no monitor pkugin

The problem I’m having now iswhen power loss and have again, it can’t boot to windows if no monitor cable plug in. If I choose to boot by on-board vga, it can boot but inside windows, it can not change the core and mem clockof 6 RX 470, all grey out.
How can I boot without monitor, please help me?

You don’t need a monitor.

Setup teamviewer with your own code, change power settings to high performance and disable ULPS in MSI afterburner (this can change your core/mem clocks aswell).

Turn on the PC and just wait for it to enter Windows. Log on with Teamviewer and get the miner running.

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I tried but still the same problem, can boot to win but all options for overlocking are grey out

Disable the onboard GPU in bios and connect the monitor to a GPU. Install drivers and then reboot.

Greyed out means no display drivers.

Same stuff bro, no solution for this mobo yet…

I am using fake hdmi plug

Sure it can not boot with full driver load if having power lost. I found another solution for it, just plugin the hdmi to vga adapter and then it can boot normal