Dear Miners, Hello, I am a newbie with mining :slight_smile:

I am trying to setup my rig and have some issues. Can you please give answers to below q? Thanks in advance.

-How to change 16X to 8x4x4 in Bios, @cryptomined told to change but I could not find in Bios

-How to change 96 Latency in Bios, I could not find :frowning:

-RX 470β€” Should I connect both 8 pin + Riser molex/sata power to Video card.

Again Thank you very much. Your help is really appreciated.

they dont have that setting in pro btc because pro btc only has 1 16x slot, you had not told me which motherboard you have

what risers do you have?

photos might help

for usb risers, you want to connect power to the molex on the riser and the 8 pin to the GPU

pro btc should pretty much work right out of the box, as if i remember correctly, it only has gen2 lanes for all the PCIE slots

you shouldnt really need to adjust anytihng in the bios to get all 6 working with risers.

Thank you, I just readed your comments for other people probably it was anopther board.

I just started to watch your youtube channel and become suscribed :slight_smile:

Do I need to change latency to 96? and how in H81 V2?

No changes necessary on pro bitcoin boards,should work out of the box

@Stealth8368 and @cryptomined thank you. I was able to set up first/X16 PCI.

I could not make X1 slot work for now, this eveining I will make reset to bios, and then will try GEN1 and/or GEN2.

Hopefully it will work for X1 slots. If not I will ask you again, experts :):slight_smile: thanks again!

I use these boards and they should run with no need to change setup in bios,I suggested you look elsewhere for your problems if you have made changes to bios reset to defaults and then debug using one card using pci x1 slot with riser then when working add another, check device manager to make sure card is recognised by windows and drivers loaded correctly if there is an explanation mark or no card showing in device manager install drivers again and if rx series use latest drivers they work fine.

For now 2nd RX470 not showned in device manager. Do you think if I install 1 time RX 470 driver, it will be applicaple for new RX470s or do I have to install again somehow.

But anyway problem was non recognized 2nd RX470 in the first place, I will try again. Thank you.

You have to instal driver for each rx card so for instance if all cards are plugged in windows will automatically install drivers for each card one after the other,if you instal one card and works then shut down PC add another card and start PC and windows will automatically install drivers for next card,I just fit all cards and let windows do all cards together but this option might not be possible if having problems and then one at a time is advised,if cards not recognised in a pci slot try moving to next slot and try again to debug problems

When you first download AMD software and drivers windows will use this for all future installs of same rx series of cards on your board

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This evening when I am back home, I will try those, I will also try different Risers.

For Now I have 2 RX470 and 2 RX480. More is on the way from Amazon.

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@cryptomined and @Stealth8368 I setup 4 VGA (2 RX480 - 2 RX470) rig with your helps.
It was riser cable problem :slight_smile:

However rig does not turn on without screen. Do you know how to fix it? to turn on computer without LCD screen?
And also I have EVGA 1000W, and there is ECO mode which is more silent. Is it ok to use it with around 750W use. Normal mode is quite noisy.

Thank you again!!

Would advise not to use eco mode best to run supply cool when pushing it
Believe the rx series needs a screen attached to work but no need to switch it on but not 100% sure cryptomined will chip in here

I run 12 rx470. And I have to use a vga dummy plug to start my rigs.

I use a Hdmi to vga adapter with 2 pins shorted.

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Thank you for your answer. Can you please put a photo of that dummy plug? I will try to make same plug, because I do not have room to put screen in my mining small room.

buy the way I have another computer which has 2 RX470, it can start without screen (that is MSI B150 gaming board.

However Asrock H81 pro BTC V2 rx470 or rx480 does not start without screen

I did not use a resistor, just a plain cable to shorten the connector.

But I remove the dummy plug after starting the machine.

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I started to think I have to buy HDMI to VGA cable like below and make shorting. The thing that I do not understand is how my other PC with same graphic cards starts without screen

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That’s the one I have, just in black. :slight_smile:

the original setup for pro btc should be good to go, maybe just check if primary display adapter is set to onboard or GPU, you could set it to GPU, but should work fine with it set to onboard also

yoiu can try to make a dummy plug like @AnorakSupra suggested

@AnorakSupra and @cryptomined I will make dummy same type. I could not find resistance cable. Is it dangerous to use simple cable for shorten?

What I want is to keep dummy plugged in always (if electricity is cut and back computer should restart without I am phsically there)