Asus z270-p / 2x 1070 3x 1080ti / Cant get it going PLEASE HELP… I havnt sleeped 2 days

Hello everyone, im new in the mining.

I have asus z270-p and 2x 1070 asus rog and 3x 1080TI gygabyte aorus extreme.

I have stabilized 4 GPU's but 5 cant... 4G decoding is one, i've flashed latest mobo bios 0808 version. PCIe speed tried with GEN1 and GEN2 too...
Windows 10 64 bit pro, 1703 version.

Im installing windows with 1 Gpu conected and then im conecting them separately.

I've managed that in device manager i can see all 5 GPUs without problem marks but when i start miner with 5 gpu most of time 4 gpus are working properly and one of them 1070 or 1080ti (in the multiple times of tries) is giving lesser sols and after 1-2 minut crashed and in most of case im getting windows error TRD failure...

They are conected with pcie risers ver 6 with molex power.

Please someone give me some tips... Im not lazy one and im reading before asking but no solutions worked for me ...

You don't mention your PSU at all. Are you using 1 PSU or 2? Is your PSU able to handle your GPU's?

Im using 2 psus.
this one for GPUS and other ordinary pc psu 750wat 80plus for mobo and raisers.
can this be a problem?


I am pretty sure you don't need more than the big psu you have (the 2400W) one, so I'd try only with it.
Have a look here:

Here is a thread that might have some more tips:

I would try swapping/exchanging pcie risers and slots to see if there is a problem with a certain riser/lot/card.


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Where is the riser taking the power from ? Directly from PSU or the mobo ?

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Thank you all for help.
I've changed PSU to stadart one not server. I know this is wierd but it helped....