6 GPU SETUP - only 4 GPU Working

Hello Everyone!

I’m here to ask for some guidance. Before anyone else says so, I have searched through forums to try and figure out why it isnt working. I haven’t come across a solution.

What Parts I am using.
6 x Gigabyte GTX Nvidia 1070
MSI z170a SLI PLUS motherboard (has 6 pci slots)
LEPA 1600w Power Supply
Intel Pentium Processor G4400
PCI-e risers

What I’ve Done so far
So far I have used bios settings to m-flash into the latest update. That is version 7998v1B.

I have changed PEG0 and PEG1 to GEN1 both. I also enabled 4G decoding.

Whenever I turn on my rig, Windows 10 boots up and in device manager it only shows me 4 1070 GPU detected.

I am confused and am willing to try anything to do this! Even if I have to send someone $20-30 in BTC, I will. Someone please help me!

Thank you!

Try switching around your risers and gpus, maybe some of them are faulty

I agree with @ZoLe, check riser cards. Also, you are not using more than 2 gpu’s to a SATA or 4 pin molex power cord?

Hey guys!

So I called MSI customer service and they told me to go into bios and click board explorer. When I did that, all 6 were showing.

They advised me to plug the hdmi into my motherboard, get into windows, uninstall the NVIDIA drivers, and install intel graphic drivers, and that should fix it.

What do you guys think?

Also, do you think it’s because I’m using WINDOWS 10 Home?

It wouldn’t hurt anything but I’m almost positive to access those cards for what you want them to do will require you to reload the drivers. I would disable any mobo options you don’t need (i.e. sound card) to free up resources.