Cant get more then 3 Cards running PLS HELP

Hi there.

I have some problems running my rig with more then 3 cards. When i installed 4 or more then i get a boot loop and no windows is showing up. I tried in the Bios 4G Decoding and PCIe to 2x mode. Is there any Trick to boot up in Windows with more then 3 Cards installed? Any suggestions?

My Hardware/Software:

1x Asus z170 Pro Gaming <--- Can this board even run more then 3 GPUS?
1x Intel Pentium 4560
1x Lepa 1600w PSU
6x Msi 1070 GTX 8GB
6x Riser Cards PCie
1x 8GB DDR4 Gskill
1x SSD 128GB
1x Windows 10 64Bit

If you loook into the forum, you will find a lot of ppl with your problem.

They dont recommend that motherboard to mine at all.

The user rph tried this:

You can run at least 5 GPUs on Z170 but it may require some BIOS setting changes. I had a lot of kernel panics, boot failures, etc until I enabled 64-bit PCI-e addressing, disabled USB3.1/thunderbolt and forced PCI-e Gen2 on the CPU links and PCI-e Gen1 on the chipset links. YMMV of course as each board is different.

You can find more help tips on this link:

Good luck man

Hey, thats what i was reading by now... shit gonna take the Mobo back to the shop and get a MSI z170 Pro Carbon
or should i get a z270 MSI Board can you advise me maybe some board which can run 6 GPUs ?

Try the TB250, its made specially for mining and has lga 1151 socket as well.

all sold out... any advise on MSI Mobo z170 or z270?

This fellow used a MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon.

Finally managed to get the 6 Cards running.

I changed to MSI z2770 Gaming M5

Now i have only 2 MH/s on each Card for mining.

Something is still wrong