Minig rig issue, plz help :)

hi guyz

so I almost set up my rig

Its working fine with 3 gpus but when I plug in 4th and 5th gpus then its not booting
rig is working, all fans are working but nothing appear on the screen

I pluged in 4th gpus and its not working either… only working with 3 gpus plugged (one is plugged in MOBO)

any ideas?

What is your motherboard, power supply, types of gpu’s, and operating system?

Do the GPU’s show up in the UEFI when you boot?

Have you tried switching monitor cable to different cards? (If you are not using on-board as default)


win 10 64 bit

asus gtx 1060 oc 6 gb strix
I have tried switching cable - no effect

Can tell you that it’s most likely your motherboard. Check out this thread for more information as the ASUS Z170 is notorious for this issue:

Are the ASUS PRIME Z270-As experiencing the same issues? I’ve got one and can’t get 6 cards to work. 4 seems to work, sometimes 5. But even then I get miner crashes.