August 14, 2020 - weekly forum update

Here are the updates from this week:

Mark your calendars,

Community Shout Outs - Shout out to LongShao007 and 0xarbitrage for contributing PRs this sprint.



  • Updated Lightwalletd endpoints
  • v3.1.0 Testnet maintenance
  • Fixed testnet seeder again
  • Implemented initial Tekton zcash build to ipfs
  • Zcash Grafana dashboards here and here


  • Canopy Implementation Audit Nearly Complete
  • Closed 32 zcash PRs that were opened prior to the sprint of which 9 were merges, closed 7 of 14 PRs created in this sprint
  • Closed 4 librustzcash PRs opened prior to the sprint, closed 5 of 7 PRs created in this sprint
  • Logging via Rust tracing crate (allows us to log Rust and C++ simultaneously)
  • Merged Rust support for ZIP 212
  • Removed some dependencies on OpenSSL and libsodium, and removed AMQP
  • Libfuzzer support was merged


  • Canopy Implementation Audit Nearly Complete
  • Four working fuzzers and plan to add more


  • Progress on t-address support
  • Testflight implemented for iOS and better error handling in iOS
  • Demo app improvements
  • Added new crash reporting tool (bugsnag) to move away from Google
  • Hardware and OS minimums and internationalization research complete
  • Lightwalletd getbalance rpc calls, moved mempool research forward

This week in privacy, US bans Tiktok and WeChat as more people turn to Signal. EFF’s Eva Galperin weighs in, calling it, a genuine security concern wrapped in a thick layer censorship. Also from EFF, Brazil is fast-tracking a mandate to require traceability in private messaging. The Markup asks, whatever happened to those contact tracing apps? Speaking of Covid, EFF and ACLU oppose a California bill that endorses a “blockchain-based system that would turn COVID-19 test results into permanent records that could be used to grant access to public places.”

This week in crypto, MicroStrategy adopts bitcoin as a primary treasury reserve asset. Coindesk covers how the Cosmos project continues to grow despite governance challenges and internal conflicts. This article from Rotki summarizes responsible defi and the pitfalls of YAM.



really cool. do you need a hand with any of it? I would be interested to see what you are doing and if I could help.

I am pretty sure I have some stuff that would be useful. For example, I have nearly finished setting up the instrumentation for the run time analysis stuff in zcashd. This should help you automate bucketing and triage of bugs/vulns generated by fuzzers. It is the main reason I developed it.

I even think I still have the harness I created for the bitcoin testing project somewhere around here - I wonder if it is worth digging it out again.