Auto restart possible?

@gandotratushar exactly how do use the command and make a loop? Sorry i dont know how to do this, thanks in advance.

I see the scripts in the post but i cant see if it will autoretsart if sol drops, because this happends, gpu crash and ewbf cant restart it, so i want it to autorestart when that happends and im on slushpool now

this is my ps1 file…

@gandotratushar i dont know what ps1 file is i only run bat script?

Copy above.. same it in a ps1 file.. pur your folder correctly ..Make sure there is no space in the folder name.. or best way is to keep zcash folder in c drive..
Pur the code below in a .Bat file.. keep the name same..


PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "& '%~dpn0.ps1'"

Run the bat file or put it in startup..

Sorry but i dont see where it should fetch server or username from or anything?

I think this config variables is OK for slush pool.
Try and inform.

set MINERPATH=C:\Zec Miner 0.3.4b\0.3.4b

set EXE=miner.exe
set varSeconds=60

set tAddress=userName

set wrkrName=workerName
set wrkrInfo=Rig 001


set varExtraOptions=--pass x --port 4444 --tempunits C --templimit 80 --pec --api


Of course replace userName with your registered user name
workerName is optional, but set it to something informative to you.

Common parameters

All the parameters here are similar to the command line arguments

cuda_devices 0 1 2 3
intensity 64 64 64 64
templimit 73
pec 1
boff 0
eexit 1
tempunits c
log 2

The miner start work from this server

When the server is fail, the miner will try to reconnect 3 times

After three unsuccessful attempts, the miner will switch to the next server

You can add up to 8 servers

main server

port 3333
user youraddress.rig1
pass x

additional server 1

port 3333
user youraddress.rig
pass x

Copy this in the miner.cfg .. pur your worker address there ... Use the ps1 file and the bat file to run it.. run the miner without parameters to take cfg in effect

@sverox trying ur script :slight_smile: Could you help me to find logs? I can't find files...

Log will be in the same folder with the name miner.log .. everything is appended there..

Got it. Thanks for rapid reply!


My script creates new log for every start of miner with timestamps filenames.
In miner directory filenames z_yyyymmddhhmmss_.txt

For correct working do:


doff exe is software return timestamps (is old known tool

No offense, but all other script propositions in this thread is very rudimentary and useless compared to my one.
Once you config it well, my one is works flawless and need zero user attention.

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Got it. Thanks @sverox

Thanks @sverox that works perfectly for me on Suprnova! I will be donating!

Old post

[Updated to - 20.08.2017, link to copy script code:]
Donation adress ZEC: t1S8HRoMoyhBhwXq6zY5vHwqhd9MHSiHWKv

Hello, guys! Zcash Miner Autorun by Acrefawn (me). Opensource CMD/BAT file.



A program in the process of active development, anyone can suggest adding the necessary functions or correcting the error. Everything will be done quickly and at its best! First of all, the program was developed for me and my friends. After checking for stability, it was decided to publish the program, in order to find the vulnerability, fix the errors, add functionality! I will be very grateful for your cooperation!


  1. Create an autorun.bat file.
  2. Follow the link at the top of this post, copy the entire script code into the autorun.bat file.
  3. Move autorun.bat to the folder with EWBF miner, click on autorun.bat 2 times LMB (without any administrator rights).
  4. autorun.bat creates config.bat.
  5. Close autorun.bat, open config.bat. In it, you can configure the program as you will be comfortable, using notepad, manually. Check, configure.
  6. I advise you to delete your old batch file to run the miner. Autorun.bat will create a new one, with the settings that you set in config.bat!
  7. Run autorun.bat and everything works!
  8. Do not forget add autorun.bat shortcut to autorun folder. (WIN+R shell:startup)
Telegram instruction
  1. Add a bot to Telegram:, this bot will send you notifications from your Zcash farm.
  2. Add another bot, it will tell you the Chat ID number, write this number in config.bat, in the ChatId field, instead of 000000000. This bot can be deleted, it is no longer needed.
  3. Download “cURL”, a direct link to the archive: You can download from the site’s cURL:, you need the latest version of Win64 x86_64 7zip with
    Binary SSL SSH. What is cURL: Specifically in our case, it is needed to send messages to Telegram, without opening the browser tabs (in the background).
  4. Unpack the archive in the folder with the miner (or in any other folder convenient for you). Check in config.bat file and type CurlPath (in case of unpacking to the folder with the miner, the appropriate value is already typed)
  5. In config.bat file type RigName, this is necessary if you want to receive notifications from several farms at once to a Telegram bot in order not to be confused.
  6. Change the value of EnableTelegramNotifications in config.bat file to 1
  7. The setup is complete, run autorun.bat, everything should work.
  1. Windows 10 Pro x64 Creators Update (on the other not tested, may not work).
  2. Names of folders without spaces.
  3. All programs for overclocking are installed in standard directories.
  4. Administrator rights are not required when starting the file (I start without them and everything works).
  5. The presence of .log (the standard name miner.log), the autorun.bat script works on the basis of data in .log. Make sure! You added --log 2 to the batch file to run the miner. You added the name of the .log file to config.bat. .log file is created, copied, opened. If for you these are incomprehensible things, please, do steps 5 and 6 of the instruction.
  6. I advise you to disable “User Account Control”.
  7. Attention and lack of desire to put your hands into the code yourself, write to me, I will do everything. Then to disassemble, that there was, and that became, it is long and it is not interesting!


  • The presence of config.bat for more fine-tuning the program, disabling unnecessary or unwanted functions.
  • Check if the process of the miner is running.
  • Checking the processes of programs for overclocking graphics cards MSI Afterburner, GIGABYTE Xtreme Gaming Engine, ASUS GPU Tweak II, EVGA Precision X.
  • The algorithm by which the program checks for overclocking on video cards, based on the average hash, which the user specified in config.bat.
  • The ability to run and check another miner or any other program (minergate, teamviewer, etc.).
  • Checks the number of connected video cards, based on user data in config.bat.
  • Reboots the miner or computer every hour, at 12:00, at 00:00 (you can select / disable in config.bat).
  • Reboot the computer for critical errors. The program works on a list of errors that only fixes the computer to reboot.
  • Pause when you disconnect the Internet. Start at connect.
  • Double-window verification of the program, protection against double launch.
  • Checking the presence of the necessary files, creates a batch file to run, if it is missing, create miner.cfg if it is missing. Removes unnecessary files on request. Sorts logs into the Logs folder, with the ability to clean it.
  • Maintain your logs in the autorun.log file. Errors, warnings, messages about successful start.
  • Sound notifications in case of error or any other situation requiring attention of the user.
  • Telegram bot notifications.
  • Running the miner both with .bat and with .exe.

My post on (rus)
My topic on bitcointalk (eng)
Sory for bad English. In case of grammatical errors in program or in this message inform me, please!
Contact me for help or support on facebook or skype: acrefawn.
Donation adress ZEC: t1S8HRoMoyhBhwXq6zY5vHwqhd9MHSiHWKv

Created new topic about this program! Welcome here: [CMD] FarmWatchBot (Autorun/Watchdog) for Ewbf, Claymore, Dstm, CCminer, Bminer, Ethminer, CastXMR, Phoenix

If it is no problem, please, support me, give some Likes! Thank you!


Is masterpiece. Will use some your ideas in GUI tool i currently work. :slight_smile:


Thank you! No problem!

Lviv Polytechnic rocks :metal:

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It works perfect. Thank you.

I have problems with English grammar. So if you can, help me, please, edit some mistakes :slight_smile:
Script updated! Few code fixes, and 1 little new function for weak CPU.
Thank you guys!