Avengers assemble! Hero Wanted - HELP NEEDED: Lost funds in Zecwallet lite

If you know the address that has the funds, you can try different values of account index until you find it.
Have you been creating a new shielded address for every transaction?

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, every transaction had a new shielded address but there weren’t thousands of transactions/addresses maybe under 200.

So then would it be just a matter of inputting into the key tool 1-200 sequentially until i find the address and leaving the external and address index values as 0?

The accounts aren’t like the deterministically generated sub-accounts that replicate the shielded address though so are the results randomly generated if so are the values that I can change to replicate the original ZWL hierarchy?

Yes, that’s it. You should see that the sequence of addresses follow ZWL.

I understand. I have so far gone through 1-500 I will gladly continue as I am highly motivated however the order is not following the sub-accounts / ZWL shielded address hierarchy.

As when I initially opened the key tool and all values were 0 the starting transparent address was the same as the main account but the shielded address was not.
This transparent address was also the last address generated in my ZWL however the subsequent transparent addresses do not follow the same order in the sub-accounts (perhaps the sub-accounts only represent the ZWL shielded address hierarchy).

Do you have any solutions as to how I can ensure the key tool shielded addresses match the sub-accounts / ZWL shielded address hierarchy?

Transparent addresses should follow if you leave the account index at 0 and increase the address index.
For Shielded addresses, it is the other way round.

Okay thank you very much for this information you saved me so much time I will try this and let you know the outcome!

I am grateful to know I am now using the correct method. I have reached 200 address Index inputs although the shielded addresses still are not following the sub-account order.

Account Index = 0

External = 0

Address Index = 200

Do you have any further ideas as to what I can do to align the key tool shielded addresses with the sub-accounts / ZWL shielded address hierarchy?

It is the other way round.

@community , feel free to chip in and help the OP. This is a good opportunity to put aside our differences and contribute for a good cause.

I’m sure there are plenty of users of zecwallet out there.

Personally, I have very little experience with ZWL.

I’ve already mentioned that to user can recreate all of the addresses they had before in zwl by simply creating new addresses. I’m slightly confused of as to why they need to do this if all of their funds were available and they clicked rescan, and then they’re no longer available. That should not have changed any amount of addresses they possessed.

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There was a misunderstanding my friend @hanh , as that was the method I as initially following which ended like this:

Account Index = 500

External = 0

Address Index = 0

I have since continued onwards from 500 now nearing 1000 inputs however the shielded addresses outputs are still seemingly in a random order :smiling_face_with_tear:

Is this the only method we have for deciphering the private key from a shielded address?

I really appreciate everybody’s efforts it’s really fantastic to see.

@hanh you are like Captain or Vision from the Avengers!
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I am also confused @Autotunafish as I have access to my ZWL again and have done as you suggested and clicked on new sapling addresses as well as imported the seed into ywallet and created the sub-accounts from the seed however the shielded address that the funds were last sent to was not listed and it is not listed as received in the newly synced ZWL tx history only the sent tx history is there and that is where I have gotten the shielded address from that I am now trying to find a method for finding the private key for. @hanh has suggested the key tool and that is what I have been struggling with up until this point.

The address was created internally within my ZWL and the funds were received, synced and credited to the sapling balance but when I could not send that balance out from the wallet to a transparent address I clicked rescan in the ZWL and I have not seen my funds since.

It seems like it would be easier to just get the private key of that particular sapling address and import into Ywallet if it is in fact the only address needed.

Don’t input 0 in address index. Leave it EMPTY.

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@hanh You are a GENIUS.

I am so thankful to all of you. For your contributions, patience and persistence this community is awesome
I could cry stress tears of joy right now! :joy:
May you all be blessed with long life, health and happiness.
I am so amazed by you Amazing Avengers this is a story of kindness I will remember for the rest of my life! :pray:

And I Thanos (The Mad titan, destroyer of worlds) :laughing: am thankful.
Because now I know what I must do. I will shred this universe down to its last atom, and then, with the ZEC you collected for me, create a new one teeming with life that knows not what it has lost but only what it has been given. A grateful universe… By 2025 I would have collected enough and to share with all you Avengers leave your zcash addresses as the economy flights and 4-star accommodations-for-5-nights-all-inclusive-trips-to-Thailand will be on me! :rofl:

@hanh it is written “A brother is born for adversity” (‘Destined to Reign’ by Joseph Prince from Singapore - you will find to be a good read)! You can message me your email then I will send you mine as by December 2025 I will be making circumstantial changes and I will not forget how you helped me I am very emotional right now as I was struggling to find a solution for a long time so this means a lot to me.
Your actions speak volumes about your character…you are like a pillar; a person of importance a difference maker and you will be a game changer. Continue to use your wisdom and insight for good and you will have success in all you pursue and receive all the pure desires of your heart.

Now on a more serious note…To those that may see this thread in the future do not delay in asking for help this community has absolutely awesome members who will rally when you need them the most.

To clarify the Problem and the solution: If Like me you have sent funds to your old ZWL wallet, then sent the funds again to yourself as a shielded transaction followed by an attempted transparent transaction that does not work and consequently you rescan your ZWL thinking it will solve your issue but instead your funds seemingly disappear do not panic…Follow these steps:

  1. Export your ZWL wallet seed (if you do not already have a backup), if you do not have it backed up at all you can still retrieve it via the ZWL Cli the read-me as the commands/options you’ll need to input once you have run the program. there is also a YouTube video entitled ‘Import wallet from ZecWallet Lite’ that can help you navigate the application.
  2. Download the latest version of ywallet
  3. Open your new ywallet, click the dotted menu option located in the top right click ‘Accounts’
  4. Long press the + icon located in the bottom right on the wallet
  5. Select restore batch
  6. Copy and paste your ZWL seed then click import
  7. Navigate back to accounts and click on your newly restored seed wallet
  8. Open the menu in the top right and click settings
  9. Ensure advanced mode is selected then ensure the following settings are checked, server = Zecwallet - alternatively you can choose the custom server selection currently this server works well: https://mainnet.lightwalletd.com:9067
    Play sound = off
  10. Navigate back to the menu and click rescan, you can rescan from the earliest date available alternatively if you know your wallet’s birthday you can input it under height the difference will be in rescan completion time (A faster method still if you don’t care about your old history would be to use the height from the tx before your funds went missing you can find the details in ZWL under the transaction history / via the ZWL CLi see the help command for details or if you have a transparent address you can navigate to your block explorer of choice the copy it from there).
  11. Click okay and let the rescan complete
  12. Once synced make a note of the shielded address in your newly restored and synced ywallet as you will need to reference this for step 15.
  13. Click on the menu button, click advanced and click key tool
  14. ENSURE your settings are as follows: Account Index = 0 External = 0 Address Index = Nothing, no values should be in this box, delete the 0 if it appears!
  15. ENSURE the shielded address matches the ywallet seed address you made a note of back at step 12.
  16. NOW (here is the fun part) begin to sequentially input numbers from 0-until you see the shielded address that has your missing keys, the method will look as follows: delete 0 , input 1, click Recalc. delete 1, input 2, click Recalc delete 2…etc until you see your address. The order should follow the deterministic structure of your ZWL so dependent on how many shielded address you had created in your ZWL it is likely to take at least that number of inputs to rediscover your missing address.
  17. Once found copy the key , navigate back to menu then accounts
  18. Click +
  19. Check Zcash and restore and account
  20. Paste your key here and click import
  21. Rescan your wallet using the block height from step chosen at step 10, you may be automatically prompted to rescan if not simply rescan from within your restore account.
  22. Navigate back to accounts and you should see your restored balance in a new sub-account.
  23. NOW thank God for @hanh as your funds have been recovered! So you can now go and repeat an act of kindest to a stranger.
    PLEASE NOTE; If you are unable to transfer funds directly from your new ywallet sub-account (as was my initial experience) I recommend going to the ywallet website, navigating to the ‘getting-started’ guide and understanding the ‘send coins’ and ‘transaction privacy’ sections. The explanations are clear enough for even the sleep deprived to understand.

This period has been quite exhausting mentally so I am going to be AFK for a while. Undoubtedly I will be back at some point to check-in periodically especially when I need reminding of peoples capacity for good and what community looks like.

Stay safe guys!

A thousand times thank you and goodnight!