T addresses disappeared after trying to claim Ycash - SOLVED

Hi everyone!

A few days ago I upgraded from WinZac wallet to ZecWallet v0.7.5 without any problems, using the following instructions https://docs.zecwallet.co/faq/#how-do-i-upgrade-from-winzec-zcash4mac-zcash4win

I then successfully claimed my ycash following the instruction from the same source:

  1. Wait for block 570,000
  2. Make a note of the Zcash addresses that contain funds that you want to claim on Ycash.
  3. Create new Zcash address(s) and move your funds to the new address.
  4. Export your private keys for the old zcash addresses that you noted down in Step 2 from File -> Export All Private Keys
  5. Download and install Ycash
  6. Import your private keys into Ycash/YecWallet. You’ll have to wait for the rescan to complete, which might take several hours to see your YEC.

I ended up with:

  • 2 T addresses on my ZecWallet - one of them created in step 3 which contained my zecs
  • 1 S address on my YecWallet with the exact same amount of yecs.

Today I’ve installed/upgraded ZecWallet to the latest version (v0.7.6), but now I can’t see any of my 2 T addresses.

Can someone explain what happened and how can I get my T addresses back along with my zecs :slight_smile:

This is a Ycash support question, please use Ycash channels to request support:


Telegram: https://t.me/YcashTalk

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/Yz8rW7P

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Hi @Shawn.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I would gladly request Ycash community for support if there was any problem with my ycach wallet, addresses or my yec amount.

My problem is that I’m missing my 2 T ZCash addresses along with my zec amount after ZecWallet upgrade.

Have you checked every address in your wallet for a balance? And is your node 100% synced? When you import private keys it has to rescan the entire blockchain, this can take awhile.

Here is the screenshot of the wallet:

And here is the screenshot of my address book showing the 2 T addresses:

How did you upgrade?

I’ve downloaded the Windows-installer-zecwallet-v0.7.6.msi file from https://github.com/ZcashFoundation/zecwallet/releases/tag/v0.7.6 and ran it.

The wallet was not running during the upgrade.

I suggest you to look up your 2 T addresses on a zcash explorer and see if balance is still there

Here is the export of the private keys (obscured the keys :slight_smile:):

As far as I can see, the 2 T addresses shown here are completely different from the ones I had before (in the address book).

@johnwisdom I’ve checked the zcash explorer and the balance is ok. All the zecs were transferred from my 1st address labeled Mining to the 2nd address labeled Store.

I don’t understand why I don’t see my original 2 T addresses anymore and instead I have the 2 new ones.

I’ve checked the 2 new ones on the explorer and it shows the same for both:

Did you ever backup wallet.dat with the old keys in it?
Maybe an upgrade resetted the file for some reason, or it installed in a different path and the old wallet.dat is in the old installation folder.

If you don’t find your old keys I suggest you to try data recovery, so try to use your HD less as possible till you restore your original wallet.dat

Did you somehow copy/replace your wallet.dat file? Note that ZecWallet doesn’t store any t-addresses directly, it just looks it from your wallet.dat file.

If you have the private keys for your t addresses, you can try to import them into ZecWallet

I have the wallet.dat file 3 days old backed up.

I’ve just copied it over the existing one and ran the wallet again.

Again, no sing of my 2 original addresses, but I now see only one of the new T addresses (the one that begins with t1Vr5)

To be honest, I’m completely confused now…

The “original 2 addresses” - How did you get them? Do you have a wallet.dat backed up from when you created them or do you have their private keys?

You might also try running a rescan to see if any missing transactions can show up: https://docs.zecwallet.co/troubleshooting/#how-to-perform-a-wallet-rescan

I created the first one (labeled Mining) with the old wallet (zcash4win) back in November 2017. This one had all of my zecs.

I’ve created the second one (labeled Store) 5 days ago and transferred all the zecs from the first one as a part of the steps needed to claim the yecs (check the steps in my first post).

The zcash explorer shows the transaction and the balance is ok.

I also have the private key for the 1st address labeled Mining, but unfortunately I did not export the key for the 2nd address labeled Store :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ll try the re-scan first thing in the morning.

Thanks for trying to help me everyone, much appreciated.


You have not stated if you moved the ZEC again to another privkey after importing into YEC. I assume you haven’t.

This private key (store) holds all your ZEC. look up the associated public address in the block explorer to confirm this.

The private keys you imported into YecWallet, get that file, and reimport those private keys (just really the one you created in step 3). back in to zec wallet.

Rescan the blockchain.

You should now see your ZEC balance on that one address.

Proof you are fine:

“Store” is the private key you imported into YEC.

Yes you did, it is in the YEC wallet at least. I cannot see any reason you can have lost zec funds over this. It is the same private key. if you can see your yec, you still have the zec privkey. Even without a backup. Try export it from yec and reimport it into zec. This will work at a minimum.

The rescan is very important. You will not see your old addresses again but Store will come up. Like you said it is there on the blockchain, and the yec wallet at the very least knows the private key to that zec, you might be able to speed the process up by importing the relevant pubkey with the privkey. but to be 100% sure just privkey and rescan.

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Hi @mistfpga,

Now it makes more sense, thanks for explaining.

I didn’t not realize that the private key is the same for the “Store” zec address and the new yec address.
That means that I have both private keys:

  • The first one for the original “Mining” address from the old export, before I created the second one
  • The second one for the “Store” address since I can export it from YecWallet

If this is correct, should I then import both private keys into ZecWallet and start a rescan through Edit -> Settings -> Troubleshooting?

What @mistfpga said (got busy outside the internet and didn’t have the ability to reply)

The private keys you imported into YecWallet, get that file, and reimport those private keys (just really the one you created in step 3). back in to zec wallet. Rescan the blockchain. You should now see your ZEC balance on that one address.

That is why I asked how you updated your version of the wallet, sounds like you just installed a new version, didn’t update your existing one.

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I’ve simply downloaded the new version from github and ran the install over the same location where the previous version was installed (c:\Program Files (x86)\zec-qt-wallet)
Take note that the datadir is on other location, different drive actually.

Was this an upgrade or a new install?