Help,please,coins disappeared!

Who will help? On April 5, when synchronizing the wallet, up to 100% discovered that the wallet automatically debited 10 cons, marked them as (Shielded) in transactions! In the blockchain, they went to my own wallet number, which was no longer displayed! The latest version of the wallet is 0.6. 7! Help, who faced this problem!

Which wallet are you using? Zcash client is on version 2.0.4

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I think he is using this wallet as it’s release 0.6.7

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I use zec wallet v.0.6.7 for windows, it is in the list of supported on the zcash website!

That’s fine, ZecWallet wallet works well.

Can you show exactly how you lost coins? Screenshots of the transactions?

Have you tried a rescan?

Did you use the migration tool, by chance, to move funds from Sprout to Sapling private addresses?

The wallet was offline, all I did was launch it, and he himself wrote off 10.06 zec

Here is the link to the blockchain Transactions - Zchain

t1fuV1Et39tZbJHcia64pV22C8HywFR1JpE -
This is the address of my wallet, which stopped displaying balance

That was the balance before the problem appeared

Do you actually have any shielded addresses in your wallet? Do they have the balance?

Can you please try a -rescan just to be sure it’s not a glitch? This is very strange @adityapk00 have you seen this?

Just to be clear, you didn’t send the 10.066 ZEC transaction? Are you sure that your transparent address private key is not compromised?

If you did send it yourself (By selecting “shield this address” or by using the migration tool), then maybe the coins are still in your wallet, but something went wrong when scanning for them. Can you try rescanning? See: Troubleshooting Issues - ZecWallet Docs

Also, just to be sure:

  • You didn’t mess with the wallet.dat in any way? Replace it / overwrite it?
  • Did you backup your wallet? If you did, you could try restoring it on a different machine and doing a rescan to see if that restores the wallet.

I already did it on 3 computers, I created a blockchain chain from scratch, and I also did the rescan, all without success! That’s why I decided to ask you for help! Wallet.dat is stored in a safe place!

Just so I understand. You didn’t open the wallet on Apr 5. You opened it on Apr 8, and after syncing to 100%, you noticed that a transaction had been sent with all the funds in your wallet on Apr 5?

That’s right!
That is exactly what happened!

Looking at the transaction again, it looks like it has taken 100% of the funds in the transparent address and sent it to some shielded address. Unfortunately, this also looks like the transaction was sent from somewhere outside your ZecWallet, since ZecWallet was not running on Apr 5.

You should check the file C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\zec-qt-wallet-org\zec-qt-wallet\senttxstore.dat. This file stores all outgoing transactions sent from ZecWallet.

If the transaction is not in the file, the most likely explanation is that the somehow your t-address private key has become compromised and an attacker has sent the funds to an unknown address.

If you click on the “shield” transaction with the right mouse button, you can follow the link Transactions - Zchain

Just out of curiousity as i have seen a lot of corrupted/damaged wallet.dat files so far, but i have never seen an outgoing transaction as a result of such. Is this even be possible?
As said, just out of curiousity.

Of course I was;)…