Balance doesn't update zecwallet fullnode

Hey, for some reason my balance won’t update anymore on the zecwallet fullnode v.0.9.13. I’m on win10 x64. I already did a zcashd.exe -reindex and -rescan. My balance on the explorer is correct.

Also I tried to reimport my private key but I get this message “A private key failed to import.
The error was:
Invalid private key encoding”
This key was exported with the old zecwallet-v0.8.1. Anyone could help?

I think it’s related to zcashd on Windows (x86_64-w64-mingw32) doesn’t sync past 903001.
That’s the case, I’m stuck at block 903001 and the transaction with my new zec was in block 904182.
Will wait for the fix.


Hi @txR welcome to the forums!

Yes, you are right it does look related to that issue, see also this thread where the ZecWallet is working on a fix with the ECC: Zec stoped on 100%,what's problem

For now I think we just have to wait for a fix to be pushed.

Installed Zecwallet Fullnode v0.9.15, problem solved