Begging Zooko for a fork is pure crony capitalism

As I understand it a proof of work system is an open network where anyone can enter and compete. If you don’t like the new competition that is entering the network and want to change the rules ad-hoc to benefit your position you are not different than a cartel whose only purpose is to maintain profits at any cost.

And let me say one more thing. A GPU is an ASIC.

Be sure, not.

You’re right. A living organism is a place where everyone has access and can compete. Also cancer cells that will eat everything in their path and eventually lead the body to death. Eventually, the body will survive, but it will become a kind of zombie.


finally i can lol , thank you

“Markets don’t work, we need to fix them” is the classic argument to intervene markets by monopolists. No, central planing does not work and not only that it’s always corrupt.

It’s all semantics but a GPU is definitely not a general purpose IC.

I would agree it’s not a general purpose IC, but that doesn’t make it an ASIC either. I had mentioned to you before that CPU and GPU have far more in common than GPU and ASIC. ASIC is purpose built for one set of processes and nothing else, it can’t be repurposed. A GPU, specialized for Graphical display, video playback, and other video related items “can” be tasked to do things for which it was not designed for…and does them quickly compared to a CPU due to it’s high speed graphical ram which is directly connected to the Chip and the simple fact the graphics chip was designed to perform functions very similar to what is required in mining algo’s quickly. GPU’s like CPU’s are versatile and can perform tasks known today, and flexible enough to tackle the unknown tasks that come later. The same cannot be said in regards to an ASIC.

Hmmm, ru sure? I do not know how others, but I use the GPU both for displaying the image on the screen, for mining Zcash, for complicated medical calculations and for machine learning. Each of these applications is not the only and one-path for graphic units I own. As far as I know, ASICs operate on a completely different basis and do not allow multiple calculations and applications, and only count in one, impossible to modify way. For they are systems that in the input receive a portion of data, they pass it through a set of logic gates set at once and output a result that you can not change in any way.

He is correct in that statement, it is not a general purpose IC (integrated circuit), it is far more than that, and so is a CPU. But it certainly is not a ASIC by any liberal interpretation of the definition.

Can you show pictures on a ASIC? Can you play games on a ASIC? Can you simply hook a monitor up to a ASIC? ASIC is design to only one thing! GPU’s can do a hell a lot more!

re: crony capitalism… Hogwash. Different people are allowed to want different things than you - that’s the free market at work. Although they would be better served by taking their desires into their own hands doing their own fork if that’s what they truly want.

Or…as we are already doing, fighting to protect something that a majority seem to believe is already “theirs” from being taken from them. We have a big dog in the fight, so along the lines you outline, ASIC proponents can fork Zcash for a ASIC version if they want.

And if those ASIC proponents include the people at ZEC Co?

I am sure there are those in ZcashCo who do support it. Why would that be surprising? I mean if there was not a single person in ZcashCo or the Zcash Foundation who was pro on ASIC…then there wouldn’t even be a question on a fork would there be??

A group of people deciding something belongs to them doesn’t make them theirs. The only thing that is yours is your coins, you aren’t entitled to any mining profitability if you can’t compete.

Can we close this discussion*?

@Maesitos I invite you to watch @Cryptomined video on the subject. It shows intent to remain ASIC resistant, so to the vast part of the community it makes it “their” (in quotes, to show a place for them) coin.

Link to make it easier for you:

He does get very passionate about the issue. I don’t really blame him, it is very difficult not feel strongly about something you have been with since the beginning or any real amount of time.

why would you want to close it?

Competition is when you have competitors…but as on any other crypto Bitmain does not have competition…it has killed all competition long time ago…now it owns 95% off all created ASIC coins …they control can you buy ASIC at all (they always fine tune so most coin go 2 them ),how much will cost you,how much you will earn or loss …they dont allow anuone 3rd party to sell their hardware ,you can only buy (if they allow you) on their website…pay 2-3 months ahead and pray you will received

Bitmain is having more and more competition.

Until I see Bitmain actually losing significant market share, I won’t view anyone else as actual “competition”.

Also, not every miner sells their equipment. For example FPGAs were used secretly for Bitcoin without the producers selling the machines. Bitmain has decided to sell the machines, but he’s not forced to do it.