How can this possibly become true? From a business perspective

Nvidia asking retailers not to sell to miners anymore…
Nvidia PR Statement

All this is is Nvidia attempting to save face with their long time cash cows(like me), Computer gamers!

That will never work/happen here in the United States, Class Action Lawsuits.

The moment Nvidia made a miner only edition card, they acknowledged what the cards were being used for, accepted it, profited from it. Restricting the sale based on usage is corporate censorship. What’s next, you can’t use an Nvidia GPU if you have an AMD CPU?


That’s what i figured but i just thought there was no possible way it could stick looking at it from a business perspective…

Even if they wanted to do something about it now, their limited by 2 options.

They cannot release an update that would render the cards unusable for mining. The 2 reasons for this, everyone would just sit on the current version of drivers and never update. 2nd reason, even if they somehow made it so you HAD to update, it would flood the market with 2nd hand cards and cut their profits in half (if not more) for at least the next year (thats corporate suicide)

The only option they have for this would be to wait until the next generation of cards get released and that’s when you put an update that renders them useless for miners. At that point though they will need to do some serious advertising and ensure their next release is phenomenal compared to current cards, because hey, who the fuck wants 5% performance gain for $300 more.

In either case unless AMD participates in the whole shindig they wouldn’t dare, everyone would just switch.

The best case scenario (and AMD will probably do the same) (and this already appears to be what their doing) would be to limit the number of cards you can buy at one time. even then though this strategy has proven to be futile, we all got friends who dont game/computer.

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Perhaps they should have put in a bit more effort into their mining specific cards. Seemed rather half-assed in my opinion.


I am glad you posted this… I do not see this being a sustainable strategy. There is a large market for a product this company produces. The demand has increased but the supply has remained the same (apparently) which reflects the increase in prices. Maybe their game is to keep the supply low to artificially raise prices. Maybe they underestimate the mining market demand or think that it is a passing fad. If they keep it up another company will come along and address this demand, at which point Nvidia will regret this strategy.
However, they do have a lot of pull because they offer a highly specialized product. It would be great if there was some other competition out there besides AMD

they won’t change anything, but they had to say it. so if someday somehow something happens, they can say, we said we would like to do so, but no one let us do it. so the ball is back in the hands of the ppl and miners and all the others.

I just think it was nvidia trying to be the “good guy” because of all the outcry from pc gamers and all these huge tech youtubers… They even stated in the article they cant enforce it unless its orders placed through their website… If they did try to enforce it it’s basically corporate suicide… I believe nvidia feels crypto is a bubble and it will eventually pop because they obviously don’t see the bigger picture…

volta has the best sol/watt of any gpu on the planet right now. this is based off the volta titan thats out right now.

i dont think hardware wise they are going to modify the architechture for the non titan line of gpus…