Can I mine on one 20 CPU server?


Theoretically, If I rent a 20 CPUs server with 24GB of memory (one gb of memory for each core, right?), and its a dedicated CPU server - would that be a good option to mine zcash, or am I better off with 5 servers with 4 CPUs each?

Right now, when running the benchmark on my machine (8x Intel Xeon CPU E5-2620 V3 @ 2.40ghz + 12gb of memory) I’m getting ~0.03h/sec.
(I’ used genproclimit=7 on the conf file)

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AFAIK, the test is single-threaded.

Getting 5 servers might be better, since the CPUs with less cores are likely to run on higher frequencies, and have less memory access collisions.

In theory, at least.

Well, I got two errors while testing the compile - and when searching for those errors here in the forum it got me to a thread saying it must be an out of memory problem.

On the second subject - if the testnet is single threaded - how come when I run the miner, I can see 99% on all CPUs under the system monitor?

Would you mind sharing your config (outside of what’s available in the beta guide). Ill share my result in return. Ill be testing a 16-core server (32 thread) with 128 GB RAM.


I got a box of second-hand computers re-purposed from an unrelated project.
Circa-2013 CPUs like G1610, G2030, etc, in 2.7 to 3.0 GHz range, 4Gb of RAM each.
6 nodes, 25W per node, 0.4H/s total hashrate (or 63 blocks over 115 hours at the testnet’s average difficulty of 55).
Plus a controller node.

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Not the testnet miner, but the benchmark is single-threaded.