Benchmarks by AWS instance type

New to zcash, but interested for a good while, now.

Has anyone published benchmarks for the various AWS instance types?

I've made an instance, compiled, ready to right-size it but wanted to benchmark by type. But if someone has already done the work, I can simply look over their shoulder.


I havent tried AWS, but i tried Google Cloud.

8core instance, 7.2gb ram. Ubuntu 16.04.

str4d -- 7.5 sol/s
Nheqminer -- 8 sol/s

Thanks! As a start, following the benchmarking guide which I just found and contains some EC2 types ..

My preliminary benchmark

./src/zcash-cli zcbenchmark solveequihash 10

vCPU: 2
RAM: 8 Gib
Ubuntu 14.04

Avg Time Solve Equihash 10: 50.6

Silex, perhaps this is the place for a silly question. An average time solve of 50.6 means .. what? Is there a formula that would tell me how many coins that would mean?

You run 10 benchmark tests with that command. So, 50.6 / 10 = 5.06 sol/s
The larger the number of tests, the more accurate it's going to be.