[heads up] AWS/Google Cloud mining

Hi Guys,

Does it make sense at all to mine on the cloud?

I am thinking about hiring dedicated servers VS. cloud mining.

I will be grateful for any insights from more experienced miners.


With the current zcashd miner dedicated servers won’t give you much H/s

0.11H/s on a c4.large
0.088 on a m4.large

0.1h/s would cost you ~$30 for 6 months (cloud mining contracts) vs ~$600 for 12 months on AWS

Is it really 10x more expensive per h/s ?? That’s incredible

For a reserved instance yes

Are you referencing toomin brothers or zeropond? or something else

0.0312BTC for 0.1H/s from Zeropond (6 months) Minimum 0.2H/s
0.018BTC for 0.1H/s from Toomim (3 months)

How did you calculated those numbers?

I tested with the internal benchmark myself running both types of servers
~0.055 per core c4.large with gen=0 so mining is disabled
~0.045 per core m4.large with gen=0 so mining is disabled

I tested both genproclimit=1 and genproclimit=2

My account on Google Cloud got suspended. I suspect its due to the consistently high CPU usage on a small server (1 CPU) which is probably consistent with spammers.

I did this mainly to get an introduction with crypto mining and hosting the wallet. It doesn’t seem economically feasible to mine in the cloud. At the current rate I was yielding approximately 50 cents a day (zcash at $500).

This figure is with 9 core total.

No profit with AWS mining.