CPU mining on AWS performance

Here’s the current results I get with my AMI’s listed at http://zcash.mercerweiss.com which run stock zcash v1.0.0-sprout, but compiled on Ubuntu running on a Xeon processor (which is why zcashd is a bigger binary than in the Debian Jessie deb packages from ZcashCo built on an i7):

With tromp’s solver with zcashd I get these results after running for an hour in the foreground:

3.2xlarge:- You have contributed 6.5720 Sol/s on average to the network solution rate.
c3.4xlarge:- You have contributed 12.7153 Sol/s on average to the network solution rate.
c4.xlarge:- You have contributed 4.3195 Sol/s on average to the network solution rate.

http://www.ec2instances.info/ sorted by “Compute Units (ECU)” and Cost can help you choose your poison. When its clear in the next week or so which open source NVIDIA miner is the most stable, I’ll cut AMI’s with those.

Running Suprnova’s Pool with nheqminer 0.1c
I get these results:

  • m4.large: 1.19 H/s, 2.33 Sol/s
  • c4.4xlarge: 8.88 H/s, 16.7233 Sol/s
  • c4.8xlarge: 21.1733 H/s, 38.9467 Sol/s

Looks like CPU Mining on AWS is still no longer profitable, even with the insane, high ZEC prices :sob:

Y’all should try https://forum.zcashcommunity.com/t/xenoncats-solver-integrated-into-nheqminer/

With xenoncat’s solver you will get 2x the speed.

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I know its twice as fast, but it’s only in nheqminer right now, not zcashd, and I put out a ZERO config turnkey ami for solo mining and running a fullnode for a wallet if you don’t have linux nor want to run it in a VM.

If nheqminer will solo mine on the box when started up without parameters, I’ll toss in my AMI

I mined via AWS (supernova) with 20 Spot Instances of m4.Large from Noon Yesterday till around 3 PM today. Its not profitable anymore that the price has dropped so much. I was paying .03 Cents or less for the spot instance.

I made about 200USD via trading, and the cost was about 13 bucks to amazon for that time.

I am seeing about 30% faster so far, but many rejects:
Rejected share #74 (duplicate share)

Is this normal? Was not seeing it with the standard nheqminer.

Unfortunately is I think it is still a loss as mentioned by @Ragj1976

Ah, there was a bug causing the duplicates … can be circumvented by reverting back to c07ad755ee92cac025a96ee9eed95dfd2ef97775.

Now I am seeing a bigger speed increase ~50% faster than with the stock nheqminer.

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