Best exchange for Zec to AUD?

I have just recently started mining and i’m hoping to exchange some of my Zec for AUD, it dosn’t look like many exchanges support Zec or AUD, what are the best ones that do?

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A very quick google search for crypto exchange aud and wham…


A possible list of options

The one you suggested dosn’t look like it supports Zec, but thanks for the list, i’ll look through all the options later :slight_smile:

You need to exchange zec to another then to fiat

oh ok, thanks for telling me. But it seems like some exchanges take a small amount of money when you exchange to fiat, will this mean because I have to exchange zec to (for exemple) bitcoin and then to fiat that it will cost a bit more than just converting straight to fiat?

There is always going to be a fee, no way around it. Best thing to do is research and find a way that will cost you less.

I would convert to ETH, LTC, or BCH then to fiat since the TX fee’s for BTC are so high.

Yeah i’ll definatly do some more reaserch soon, thanks for all of the advice :slight_smile:

I have not been able to find one either directly for ZEC for my local fiat currency… and having Bitcoin and Ethereum so expensive (high fees / long confirmation times), I have been using to convert from ZEC to LTC… they confirm in just minutes (vs hours or days with BTC or ETH).

Then I am using to send my LTC, and then the LTC can be used to deposit them as US Dollars in my USD account.

Not sure if AUD and I assume your bank account is in Australia is supported, but you can ask them!

I have tried other exchanges, but I have not been lucky to get all the way to get dollars, and get stuck on “identity verifications” and other issues.

Hope this helps!

Use living room of satoshi. You can cash zcash straight out to aud

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Thank you guys for identifying the “LivingRoomOfSatoshi” exchange.
It looks quite promising.

I would like to identify a catch though, they are using their own exchange rates that do not reflect the actual exchange rate of the currencies. I’m seeing approx. 10% differential for many currencies, please check it out for yourself. here -->

Having said that the ZEC price was quite close.
AUD_ZEC 830.9678025423 <-- LivingRoomOfSatoshi
AUD_ZEC $850.56 <-- Actual Price

Has anyone performed any exchanges yet?

I would be very interested to see how you go.

I have used “LocalMonaro” for Monaro (XMR) before and it is excellent!

I’m hoping someone sets up a LocalZCash exchange.

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Yes, a LocalZCash now exists, you can find it at :

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