Best Miner for Mining

Which coin is most profitable to mine and what’s the best hardware to use for mining ?

Here is a Link for you so you can look anytime you like to figure out the answer to your question

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ETH is best to mine and if you are looking for good mining hardware then I think you can bulid your own custom mining rig or can buy a ready miner which is available in the market and accordingly you can choose between the Asic and GPU miners.

According to me Alt coins are profitable to mine , and if you are looking for a good hardware then I think you should check out Promax7 .

can you provide me more information on Promax7.

I think Google can ^^

few days back I had done a reseach on Promax 7 . they have launched 2 GPU miners Promax 7.1 and Promax7.2 each giving 1830 and 3710 Mh/s respectively to mine multiple crypto currencies which i found very innovative .for more information you can check their site on the given link below .

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