What is currently the most powerful device to mine Altcoins?

Hello ,

I have been wondering what is currently the most powerful device ( or hardware whatever you guys call it ) to mine Altcoins , cryptonight algo coins , possibly any coin that I want. I do not want to limit myself only within one coin. I checked out some of the new devices like Antminer S9 but it only seems to mine Bitcoin… Price is not a issue so don’t worry about the devices price or the electricity. The only thing I want is a super powerful device that can mine any coin that I want. I’ll get to choose the pool.

Thank you all.

This is the ZCash forums - that’s what we discuss here. Google is your friend on how to learn crypto mining. Search away and good luck!

a dreamer! don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing…prolly bad AF…

Buy a bunch of nvidia titan v’s.

Hi All, I would like to save myself the trouble of researching and learning, so if you all could provide me with a list of things I need. Oh and never mind the fact I don’t know the difference between “Algo’s” I know a few terms so I’ll be fine ignorantly mining an Equihash coin using the Cryptpnight Algorithm… :wink::wink::wink:

To the OP, Please do more research on what you are doing, so the answers you seek will make more sense so others will be more willing to help you. We’ve all been at the beginning, there are no shortcuts, you might find people willing to provide more assistance if you can prove that you’ve helped yourself first. You could start by learning the difference between “Algos” after doing so, you hopeful won’t ask Cryptonight questions on a Equihash coin forum… Best Of Luck and thanks for contributing to the difficulty of us all :smiley: