What to mine right now

Hi, Friends, I am wondering that what is the best coin to mine at the moment on 3 Rx 580 with (31mh/s) each. I have checked every calculator and it is showing profit ratio in negative so please helpppp

ETH is your best bet for GPU mining, especially with AMD cards.

MPH, multi-algo-auto-switch… mines every flavour of dog-shit & pays out in ZEC.

This is windows only right? Since GPUs are slowly being pushed out, holding might be the best option to support zec with GPUs.

so you mean that i should mine zcash???

can you please describe it briefly

can i also mine zcash and dash with these cards?

Try with ravencoin maybe :smiley:

I’m doing this on Debian 9, there’s how-to info on MPH - look at their ‘hub’ feature.

@Ihaseeb No, I wouldn’t recommend it. You technically could, but because Dash and Zcash are both ASIC mined it’s not worth GPU mining. You wouldn’t even cover your electrical costs mining Zcash, and Dash would be even worse as it hasn’t been GPU mineable in a long time.

Here is a screenshot as of 08/20 what you should mine with your GPU’s

Here is a direct link to the website that the information came from. WhatToMine - Crypto coins mining profit calculator compared to Ethereum Classic

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