New to crypto currency mining

Which are the graphic cards to be used for mining ?

Amd and Nvidia GPU.

Zcash prefers Nvidia

No Zcash does not, you are confusing Zcash with EquiHash algorithm . For the record both types of GPUs work exactly the same. I mine with both Nvidia and AMD

In my opinion it does, Nvidia on Zcash got me a lot more for the same power as AMD.
That’s why I sold my AMD rigs after stopping with the mining of Eth and didn’t point them to Zcash.

the best cards for mining are GTX 1080 Ti

NVIDIA P102 cards are the best graphic cards for mining as it assures 53 to 55 Mh/s with power consumption of 158 watts ( low frequency OC) .So i think you should go with this cards to start mining .

That completely depends on what you want to mine if you are planning to mine particular targeted coin then I think you should go with Asic miners as they have a small and compact form and if you buy a latest asic you will get a high return of investment .

Starting up mining with ready available miners from the market would be better ?

I am into mining since long time and the best GPU you can go with if you are planning to take up mining as your profession or like a hobby is P102 OR P104 as it will ensure you really good Mh/s with good power consumption of watts and will also earn you a good profit at the end.

guys i dont know why you all advise him the P102 or P104 that are designed for “mining” but from my experience they are also more expensive compared to their normal counterparts + most of the mining cards dosent have any video output so in case you want to resell them you will get some hard time another + they have about half of the gpu memory compared to the commercial counter parts that are cheaper in the most cases…

Because it are all new accounts who keep on pushing Eth miners. Funny on the Zcash forum hehehe :clown_face:

Another difference , 3 months warranty against at least 2 years for a regular GPU.
And a normal GPU has a resale value as you mentioned before, good luck selling of a half year old P102 or 104.

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under these circumstances mentioned above he would be even better on it if he would go for after market sale to get some Gpus these are cheap and most of them has still longer warranty as the mining models…for example i get 2x 1060 3GB gygabite 2 fan version for 150 euros and 170 euros booth of them still have more than a year of warranty left just for the record the 150 eur one needed one fan to be replaced what is about 6 bucks on aliexpress (currently waiting on it)… already tested them boot going over 300 sols one on 86W another one on 87W power limits

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Don’t do promax(imo) price rises as supposed new batches being released. The website is kinda shady looking. Promax can send me 1 to review tho. Lol

If you can find the p102 or p104 at a decent cost, load up on them.

And the sock puppet show continues.

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It’s because they are faster then the previous batch. This batch gets more sols when difficulty rises. And with massive asic power coming online, this is a real moneymaker to be. I heard they even through in 24 chop sticks and you can clean it in the dish washer. A real marvel it is.


Thanks for the information , I will check Promax7 site .