Best motherboard for mining

When it comes to mining, Asrock, Biostar and Gigabyte seem to be the best choice. Any suggestions on model?

I have a few Asrock Z270’s and Z370’s. All of them set up very easily. I have 6 running on a Z370 Pro4 and it only has 5 PCIe slots. I used a 4 port switch to get extra slots. It might support 7 or 8 but I haven’t tried yet. Cards got too expensive to buy more. I got a MSI Z370 and I couldn’t get more than 3 to run on it no matter what settings I tried.

Biostar TB250/250+/250 Pro

3 Gigabyte GA-B250 FinTech. Easy setup, even with 12 GPU

I currently have 2 Asrock H110 13 PCI slots. I need 10 more cards to fill the second board. I want a third H110 with just 1070TIs. No problems at all and needed to make no adjustments to the bios.