Best LGA 2011-v3 Motherboard for Mining?

Any one else using LGA 2011-v3 based motherboards for mining? Seems like people are using older CPU’s, but I wanted to go with a “newer” broadwell-e platform… was wondering if anyone else went with such a platform? Any chipsets or straight up vendor motherboards you recommend? I’m trying to do a 6-7 GPU mining rig, just trying to gather info right now.

Thanks in advance! Cheers to fellow miners!

Unless you’re doing other stuff with the rig, or you already have one (Like me) then I wouldn’t suggest getting one specifically for mining.

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I use one but it was not specifically for mining

What they said lol!!!

I’ve got an ASUS X99 AII I use for gaming and mining. Solid board so far, and I have noticed the sol/s rate to be better on this board vs my LGA2011 v1 board especially when you OC the CPU a bit seems to help throughput on the GPUs and can add 10sol/s.

The MSI Gaming 5 board is supposed to be good choice for 7 GPU using Celerons.

I use a Asus strix x99 board with my main PC with 3 fury cards but my mining rigs are all Asrock pro bitcoin,strix is new update of x99 and a great board with no problems

EVGA X99 FTW-K 6 Cards installed 5 operate at PCIe 3.0 8x
Best mobo I could get for mining.

Why would you guys say this? Please share your reasons, I’d like to know. I understand that CPU’s don’t hold as much weight to mining compared to GPU’s, but I figured I’d get some SOL’s out of a very fast Broadwell-E, and after I decommission the setup DDR4 will still be plentiful as well as being able to use the board and CPU for a high-end machine.

If you and leroy627 say “nay” to the board, what are you guys using (please share your setup, cpu, mobo, chipset, gpu’s, etc.) I’d be interested with your logic and reasoning. Otherwise, I’ll probably go and build on a ddr4 platform with a very powerful CPU.

Price wise and just separating everything. Leave it mine so you get consistent shares and results and why put so much wear on a nice board like that. I have Asrock h81 bro ptc with intel 1840
I won’t waste money to have that board just to use cpu to get few more SOL rate

I agree.

Also got 2 of the ASRock H81 Pro BTC boards with a cheap Intel 1840 CPU.
Just to save money on parts that won’t do anything else than hosting your GPUs. :smiley:

What @mixmaster said. An X99 will last a very very long time (~10 yrs for normal tasks), why torture it 24/7 with mining?
In comparison, an i7-975(2009) extreme is about the same as a Skylake i5 6500, just that the I/O would be outdated.

As I said before, I’d only recommend it if you’re using the system for something else, I also use it for CPU intensive stuff.

I already have an Asus X99-A(Gen1) w/ 5820k, so I’m considering just leaving 3 cards on the actual mobo (Since Asus is a !@#$% with PCIe slot placement) without risers.

I already got an AMD 990 slave board to leave on 24/7. Just need to find an Athlon II to stick in there, which is surprisingly hard to find in my country…

Yeh Leroy627 I stuck 3 rx 480 in my main PC which is x99 Asus strix but as you said pci-e placement is not ideal with Asus with bottom card having to be under powered and down clocked as just can’t stay cool enough and throttle back anyway on stock,this is a redesign and update of x99 to,I have ordered 2 furys to replace the rx480 which will work much better,CPU is 5820k with water cooling and full tower case with good air flow and side panel of but last 2 cards are that close there is just no air flow for bottom card,I would suggest you consider this also

I believe I have a Athlon ll fx processor AM2 somewhere in my bag of PC junk but live in U.K. Give me a shout if I can help

Mine’s an AM3 board, +We’re about 10000 km away from each other.

Yeh just double checked it’s a 7752 black edition AM 2 unfortunately so can’t help there soz

What are some of your hash/solution results? I was looking at H81 boards as you guys mentioned it, but it was sold out at all the reputable US vendors(I’m based in the US)… and the few that had it in stock were selling them for $179, but now they’re back in stock and the price is at a reasonable $70.

Any how… I’m trying to see if it’s “worth” skipping out on CPU mining combo… What are the cards that you’re running? What are the rates you’re getting? I can get an i7- 6700k for $280 USD, and a decent board for $100-150, which is why I was looking at lga 2011 v3 boards that ran ddr4.

Newegg has them… I think they put a limit on them though per customer

Thanks guys, you have me convinced, I went ahead and started buying parts for an LGA 1150 build.

I’m buying the H81 Asrock BTC R 2.0 board…

Can anyone recommend ram specs? Is 4 GB sufficient enough for 6 GPU’s (right now ordering some FURY’s), or should I go with 8GB? 16GB? What do you guys say?

I use 8 gig on all my rigs and works great I decided on 8 gig after seen how much ram my first rig was using I could get away with 4 gig but would max out ram and I have never tried I always over estimate for mining rigs,price is cheap enough as not to be a concern

1gig of ram minimum per each GPU is a good rule of thumb, which means that 8gb is better for a 6XGPU rig, but 4gb is probably sufficient for a 4XGPU rig.

Thanks for that rule of thumb bio.

I plan on eventually maxing out both boards I got ( 2x H81’s), so that’ll be at least 6GB on each board… .which in a practical sense means I’ll probably go and buy a 2x8GB dimm set and put one stick on each board.

I know I won’t get to use multi channel mode if I only use one dimm… but does it really make a difference for mining?

To reiterate I’m planning to use 1 8GB stick on the board which will have 6 GPU’s eventually. Any strong preference to go with a double dimm setup (2x 4GB)?