New Intel LGA 1151 TB250-BTC PRO and AMD AM4 TB350-BTC PRO mining boards from Biostar

Though you all might find these interesting if you did not know about them yet.
New mining Motherboards from

Biostar TB250-BTC Pro (Intel LGA 1151)

Biostar TB350-BTC Pro (AMD AM4)


Still no availability at Newegg and Amazon.

None in Canada either. I feel like they’re going to come back into stock any time soon.

yes i know, newegg had tb250 but it sold out a long long time ago… Someone in the EU asked biostar when they would get them in Europe and they were told, “not until July”… they sold out here for 2-3 months when they first came out also, this is the second batch out now (for TB250, otherwise TB350 just came out, and TA320 is not out yet, TA320 being a lower end TB350 board). I can help you get them if you need them.

Nice. I had no idea you had a store. The boards are kinda pricey at $150+. Why would I buy one at that price vs an MSI Carbon Pro (which I have a few of already)?

i dont know, im not you.
are you vavhab on tube by any chance? because i already answered him on the same question :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

Hah, no. My interest in the Biostars is the MSRP of < $100 vs $150+ for the current crop of Z170/Z270 6 PCIE+ motherboards.

yeah they are all marked up here too… the board was originally 75$ here, and I think at newegg also,… but now everything is marked up like crazy

the only z170 board I have is the gigabyte gaming G1 with watercooling and plex chip

I have 2 MSI boards, the z97 gaming 5 and the x99 godlike, they are good boards, i like MSI boards…

but personally i wouldnt buy another z170 board, id prefer z97 or z270 boards.

any 400 series cards left around are also marked up like crazy here… at least they are reissuing 470 and 470D here now. im gonna order 8 470s today.

just got in 6 480 8g dataland x-serials to build the TB350

Wow. The 570s are retailing on amazon for <$200 (and so are the GTX 1060s). Unless you’re planning on mining ETH, I’d go for the latter :wink:

well im gonna get some 1050tis to mix in with my 3 980tis for one rig… theres one chinese brand thats a steal at about 100$ a 1050ti, which if my calculations are correct is a payback of only 91 days at current zec difficulty and prices (and my electricity cost)

gonna replace my 3 980tis (from the gigabyte g1 z170 board) with 2 vegas when they come out later this month/early next month

whats the hashrate on 1060 3GB?

is that 3GB thats 200$?

Yes, definitely the 3GB. The 6GB is ~$240+. The equihash hashrate is around 300 sols/s.

What is the 1050ti hashrate?

i think 1050ti is about 180 sol/s

i can get the 3gb 1060 for about 175$

Wish I’d seen your PCIE SATA cable-powered risers. Went and bought a ton of MOLEX v7s from amazon yesterday.

Cool. MSI GTX 1060 3GT OC are $159 on Amazon after a $20 rebate.

o well, … but those sata risers are my favorite now, so sweet. so stable
i cant use amazon, they dont ship to china

Yeah. I hate molex. Got to run. Have a good one!

the z170 carbon is expensive, why would you get that instead of a 250 or 270 board?

here its also close to 200$ USD… so not sure why people are so fanatical about it… its not as cheap as people pretend it to be?

It’s currently $129 at Amazon US, $100 after a rebate:

ahh, i see… well its not that price here… too bad
we never get ‘rebates’ here… never… kinda sucks…
i always see rebate on this and that on newegg… but here… never seen one rebate ever…
rebates are kinda annoying anyways… why dont they just put it on sale

They’re just a way for the manufacturer to get your contact details :wink: They’re often restricted to one per customer and are not convenient to claim, either… You’re not really missing out on much!