Best way to spend $5k on zcash mining gear

I want to invest 5k in mining gear.

Thinking of going with these new 99x cpu’s.

If you had 5k to invest into mining z what would you be buying and why?

Personally, I would hold off on dropping $5k at this point. They are still developing and changing the algorithm, so it’s not known what hardware the final production code will run most efficiently on. Nobody has ever used Equihash as a POW before.

It could be CPU, or maybe GPU could be more cost effective. Risk is you spend $5k and have a 50% chance of having the best set up.

I would even consider just taking some of that $5k to a market ready to buy Zcash when it finally becomes available.


Thanks shawn.

Will there be a way to mine GPU and CPU as then I could just go for both? I need a new pc and planned on spending around $2k on it anyway.

Then I could save the rest of the money till I know more. Worst case scenario I sell the two GPU’s in it if CPU is better.

If you’re going to buy a PC anyway, I would get one with a nice fast multi-core processor & fast DDR4 RAM to be CPU ready and make sure the motherboard can handle multiple GPU’s that way you can always add them later if needed.
But there is no way to know if this would be the best setup for Zcash. I’m just thinking of a good all around PC.

Wouldn’t it be better to buy computing power from Amazon for 3-5k !?!

Sure, you could purchase CPU’s from Amazon. But it’s not always the most cost effective, especially with the mining slow start. Plus when you run out of time/$ you won’t have a nice computer to use for mining, gaming or other things.


I agree.

I just don’t want to clog my room with “ferrum”…
Noise will be very much

Remove the warehouse is too expensive

5k is not really enough to “clog” a room … or mine for very long using Amazon…

I do have a wharehouse at work though where I will be putting it while its mining just cos I get half price electricity at work (industrial subsidized)

I will be paying $0.06/kwh

I will be paying $0.06/kwh

Wow, in Russian electricity at $0.8-0.9/kwh (((

ye here it is normally $0.16 for households but industrial areas get subsidized little more than half. (I am in South Africa)

It is really nice that industry get subsidized rate. Normally residential rate is lower.

here it is 0,2 - 0,25 USD/kwh (Germany)

If there are 50,000 equivalent CPUs using 50 W each to mine Zcash at $0.15 per kWhr:

50 W/CPU x 0.001 kW/W x 0.15 $/kWhr x 1/240 hr/coins x 50,000 CPUs
= $1.56 per coin in electricity over and above idling electrical use costs

I’m estimating twice as much if someone tries to use a GPU that does not have a customized parallel sorting algorithm.

I believe, you are a little mistaken :slight_smile: Electricity in Russia if about 5 rub/kwh for households. This is about $0.08/kwh. Or even less in many cases.