What parts should i ise for my mining rig?

Im building a mining rig for my dad thats either going to be mining zcash or nicehash. Whichever one is more profitable. Anyways his budget is around $500. Power costs isnt a consideration just raw hashing power. I can build my own frame as well. I just need to know ehat the most profitable rig is. Thanks!

I think 500$ wilnot cut it but you can possibly get something set up for that price.

the links above gives you an idea of what you cant cheap out if you wanna mine, and you can also gradually add more gpu to that mother board.

but again becarefull.

It’s not worth it, 500 is absolutly not enough to build any machine profitable.
1x 1050 ti mines around 1 ZEC a year, so you do your calculations. Only if electricity is free and you guys are willing to wait 18-20 months for ROI then yes, it could be profitable, BUT, buying 500$ worth of zcash will make you the most income in that time span…

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I can also go used. My mining rig was way less than $500 and i get sbout 450 sol/s. I can pick up r9 280’s for around $100 in my area and gtx 1060’s for around $170. Also higher end cards like the r9 290x and hd 7990 are around $200. Motherboard would cost around $20 i already have a ton of cpus lying around an a 2gb stick of ram. Then buy like a 650 watt power supply or something. Would that work better?

Buy a used PC with decend and suitable Hardware. Core 2 for example or newer. You should find one below 100$. Then buy 2x GTX 1060 3Gb. Done.

My underclocked and undevolted Core 2 Quad (@ 2 GHz 1.02 Volt CPU) system (P5Q Deluxe Mobo) uses around 150 Watt when mining. CPU, Motherboard, SSD and RAM. Could save a little taking out those two additional 1 Gig Rams.

I’d like to know how much electricity I could save with a new equipment.
Better PSU would bring allmost 10% less power consumption.

Anyone tried Laptop mining?
I mean with Mini PCI Express to 3 or 4 PCI Express splitter. External GPU’s needs additional PSU though.

I have now a 1 to 4 PCI Express Splitter to experiment, but system froze when auto installing drivers. Then no more detection. Will try other ports and config later.