Best (Windows) Free Remote Desktop Program?

I’m wondering what you guys personally use to remotely control your Windows (and Linux, but I’m currently using Windows) miners. I’m using Chrome remote desktop right now but it’s super compressed, slow, and doesn’t fully use anywhere near my bandwidth.

I love team viewer… Works great

Check these: 16 Remote Access Tools

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Just use default RDP client, you can also install no-ip ( dynamic dns ) in order to connect from an external network.

In case you need to connect from external connection and you have multiple miners behind a router, you can configure port forwarding for each miner and change default RDP port to a custom one for each miner.

Example :

Miner 1 : your-no-ip-address:3389
Miner 2 : your-no-ip-address:3390
Miner 3 : your-no-ip-address:3391

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Chrome remote desktop

Nx works great. It’s easy to use and works on most operating system. There is a free version on their website. ?

Teamviewer free version is limited, and you will be disconnected after some time.

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They haven;t with me at all

Remote Utilities: Remote Utilities 7.1 Review (Free Remote Access Tool)

AEROADMIN is the best remote desktop tool

teamviewer is great and free for personal use. Only downside is some freeze issues while streaming from ubuntu. if encountered just disable optimization from the menu.