Render farm change to miner farm

i have 100 PC’s in my render far , because of our security i can’t set internet on these 100 pc’s and i want to use any solution that help me to put some configuration in miner batch file or any other solution that help to reach miner to internet and all pc don’t have internet , you have any idea for me
thank you

yea dont steal from your employer

More like school probably. I did run some “test” on the render farm from an X university :wink: just to prove a point to some non believer about cryptocurrency. But yeah I could get thrown out of the University if I were to farm without their consent. All I am saying kids is " stay in school ".

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i don’t understand your judgment , i have render farm for render 3d project , but our capacity of rendering is 90% free, i want to use this free time for minning , because of our projects and softwares we couldn’t set internet on pc’s ,

How about a proxy that’s connected to the internet and then the other pcs can connect locally to the proxy. Search the form for proxy to see installation instructions

i need a solution like this , but i don’t know how to set local proxy in batch file , i have to set my proxy in miner softwares , because i need to connect only that software to my local address, is it possible ?

how about installing teamviewer on each machine and control them from home or any mobile device ?

What about : ZCash Stratum proxy (Increase earning up to 10%)

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i don’t have problem to manage it by remote controls, i need solution to connect only miner software to internet and pools

as far as I know , the machines need to be connected to the internet in order to mine .
you need to give more information in order for me or other people to have chance to help instead of guessing what solution fits you.

ie , your machines gpus brand , what kind of OS , what kind of network is there , how its being remotely controlled , etc .

hi, thank you for attention, it seems that it will help me , but i couldn’t install it , the learning guide said that run install bath , but there is no any install patch, can you help me ti install it .
thank you

I would spin up a Linux Mint Mate and run this proxy GitHub - BScrk/zecproxy: Stratum proxy for Zcash local it will work well for your requirement.

can u learn me how to install and use it ?