How to control multiple rigs

Hello! Do you guys know who do people control tens or even hundreds of rigs with one Monitor, keyboard and mouse. I really need to know this. Do they use a program or what? Also, how do you make it so that all of those rigs mine together in the same pool and give the money to the same address?

Thank you!

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As every Rig has to be connected to the Inet, you can use SSH/VNC to access them.

In order to make sure they mine on the same pool and address, just specify them so in the mining program config files..

I use, 2$ per rig per month.

Easiest is keep alive scripts and team viewer ..

Yeah I use Team Viewer as well

Thank you all for replying. But can you give me an in-depth guideline for how to use those scripts and team viewer? And also, does team viewer work without a monitor connected to a rig? And how do I make it so that it does work without a monitor and that I can view any rig at any point in time?

They sell monitor emulators that plug into the HDMI port. The one below is OOS, but gives you an idea of what to look for.

I am also looking into using Awesome Miner. I am still in the research phase.

Ok, so I just configure Team Viewer to be set to always active and I can view everything without a monitor?

Yeah, set team viewer on Windows startup and you shouldn't need a monitor in a while. I haven't

You don't need a monitor emulator. Just spoof a monitor in xorg.conf. I can plug in a monitor in a rig any time I want. You cant do that with a monitor emulator since you cant unplug it without bringing down the miner.

How do I do that? And so, can I interconnect the rigs to be like one hella giant rig? So all of their mining rates will be connected.

That is not exactly how it works, but essentially that is what a mining pool does. You can have your own personal pool for your rings if you set things up like that.

Our rigs have iot remote switches. Team viewer on boot and self written scripts to make sure miners keep running every time. If a machine hangs we restart the power switch to hard reboot the machines. Miner and the gpu settings loads on boot automatically .. This helps us with lower downtimes .. we still are improvising on the setup

How do you hard boot ? (servers for example have iDRAC / iLO - but how do you hard boot a normal Asus board?)

is it an addon i can purchase?

Iot switches controled by android app.

This is what I am planning to use. A smart mining rig! You can remotely kill a plug and then cycle it back on. Just set the MoBo to turn on when it detects power.

Are you using something similar Gandotrtushar?

Yes. I have switches from oakter. 1 switch for each rig.

So all I need to do is just interconnect all the rigs and then have a computer from which I access everything? But how do I connect all of them together? just use team viewer or do everything through a network?

Use team viewer for unattended start... Add the rigs there.. name them and connect whenever you need it from any platform.. I use it through android phone mostly..


Use teamviewer for configuring/viewing and for monitoring