Beware of scammers!

hi. the support is ok?

This was a scam attempt. The @ScamAccount1 user has been suspended indefinitely.


We’re seeing increasing level of activity by scammers, sending private messages to forum users who report technical support issues, with links to external sites.

Here are a couple of recent examples:

If you receive such a message, please flag it for moderator review by clicking the three dots underneath the message... ![Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 10.57.00|378x146](upload://vonDUXa58qPR4nSxm7mq9vngdLK.png)

…and then click the flag…
Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 10.57.35

…which will prompt you to specify a reason for the flag.

Once you’ve flagged the message, the moderators can review it and take appropriate action (e.g. banning the user).


A reminder to beware of scammers who send you a link to a website or a “support” chat service that suggests you “connect your wallet” by entering your seedphrase.


@Dodger @decentralistdan @Shawn This person just DM’d me the below after I posted a response in the Trezor thread:

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The scammer’s account has been suspended.

A timely reminder to flag messages like this if you receive them.