Fake no fee mining software

Warning there is a thief posting here and bitcoin talk going under name of smod but he’s changing names frequently, he offers no fee mining software for Claymore miners but after payment will try to get you to pay more then provide software that does not work, no virus that I can detect just software that does nothing,save your bitcoin and don’t let this turd steal anymore bitcoin

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I have experienced this also for 1.5 btc

User was warned about posting illegal copies of Claymores software.

If anyone receives a PM from this user, or another user regarding this software please PM @Shawn @paige or @moderators with a copy of the PM or thread so we can take action.


Sorry to hear that @zminer1 that’s a lot to loose I paid 0.1 for the xmas special but after paying smod said all slots for xmas deal were now full and asked for a further 0.2 bitcoin, classic scamming move but I didn’t pay anymore and he sent a link for smod download and gave me software that stopped Claymore from work :rage: Removed the smod hack and all is working against, I email him and he said I have your bitcoin and you have my software End Off!! I wish Claymore had an option to buy his software as paying for his miner on all my rigs for last couple of years is costing more than it should in my opinion, he should sell his miner with option to run up to 10 PC’s on one license

Anyway I just wanted to stop others from loosing there bitcoin to him also he is using different names and request bitcoin before sending software and claims you have to enter bitcoin id into software to unlock which is a long ass number to keep typing in for nothing, he sells a 1% fee miner which I would not use as if I am paying anyone a percentage it’s the developer not some cheap thief plus it’s reported on bitcoin talk no fee thread that mod only stops miner when dev fee starts and causes miner to reboot which works out costing miners more in down time,this thief smod is a piece of work

Will do he pm me but I told him I don’t buy hacks from anyone with no feed back and couple of days later I start getting offers cheaper from a different user id then another from him cheaper again till eventually I though at 0.1 bitcoin it might be worth trying and he had a thread at bitcoin talk running with no mod intervention, we are only human and sometimes our judgment can get clouded and I know how stupid it was now,it’s very obvious all pm and emails were from him trying to reel me in, I am sure this was very profitable for him and hopefully others will see the error in my ways and save themselves hard earned bitcoin

Smod email address although he will have others

Well just an update regarding smod hack, he is selling a restart script that restarts the miner every 320 seconds to get round Claymore fee this method is available for free on internet, he will first say he hacked Claymore miner to get u to pay but really I don’t think he can write a restart script he’s using one free from internet and added a small program to lock the script to your bitcoin payment id, child’s play and he’s just a thief and a scammer, he is sending PM through this forum and bitcoin talk so please don’t get caught out and use Claymore no fee option if you must it’s more profitable than starting your miner every 320 seconds and risking a virus