New users are unable to create new topics

Last November, we made some changes to make scammers’ lives more difficult. One of the side effects is that new users are unable to create new topics until they have participated in the forums for a while.

For new users who come to the forums looking for help, we’ve created a topic that they can reply to with their query.


Hey @Dodger, I am unable to create new posts. My interface does not show the ‘New Topic’ button

I also don’t seem to have a “New Topic” option. Thanks!

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if u just join you cant instantly create topics. but i dont know exactly how long until you can. but maybe in a day or two?

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I had a suspicion it was an anti-spam measure of some sort.


Indeed a few years ago we had a big spam attack from some Korean casino bots and had to implement some measures like time and age limits.


Leave only the thread with technical issues, such as problems with wallets.

I don’t have access to create a new topic.

Any idea ? Maybe someone could take a look ?

it takes sometime for new users, to avoid spam

Why can’t I create a topic thread?
I have something important to post and discuss with the technical staff regarding Post-Quantum Cryptography | CSRC Post-Quantum signatures

As a spam- and scam-prevention measure, newly-registered forum users must actively participate in the forums for some time before they are permitted to create new topics.

I suggest you post in the Is Zcash actually quantum private? thread.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Is Zcash actually quantum private?

It’s not right that people’s free speech on important topics that can help Zcash is taken away due to scammers. I just joined to create A topic. Not fair. Maybe YOU or someone else can start this topic idea, please.
Zcash and other privacy crypto need to secure the future more and integrate with ICP on the NNS just like Bitcoin and ETH recently did creating bkBTC and bkETH. ICP will help Zcash alot. If Zcash was intergraded on the ICP NNS we wouldn’t need to go to an exchange or worry about Zcash delisting from exchanges. We would be able to trade ICP for bkZcash just like you can do with bkBTC & bkETH on the NNS right now. Also, Zcash needs to create a Zcash privacy crypto wallet/barter payment system app used for bartering in a new privacy barter payment system. The Zcash community needs to focus on this strategic plan to secure privacy crypto’s future.
Have the private barter payment app linked to the ICP network so people can get bkZcash on the NNS, after Zcash is integrated.

Hey there. I want to comment on this post Transparent & Shielded DEX with Maya Protocol - #30 by hanh however I get this error:

"You have reached the reply limit for this topic
We’re sorry, but new users are temporarily limited to 3 replies in the same topic.
Instead of adding another reply, please consider editing your previous replies, or visiting other topics. "

Hey @mayaprotocol , sorry about that, it’s because your account is new and has a limit on the number of posts per day.

It’s an anti-spam measure, but a mod @Dodger or @decentralistdan can manually raise your trust level.

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That would be great!

@mayaprotocol If you want, in the meantime, until the mods show up you could post your reply here and I can move it to that thread.

(Since my trust level is higher I can help arrange things in threads, but not edit user accounts)

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Han is sending my messages, for now its fine!