ZCash Mining Rigs ~ Scam Alert!

This is certainly NOT a reputable company.

In short, avoid ZCash Mining Rigs at all costs.

I’ve got endless texts, emails, photos, etc. to back up everything I’ve said thus far, so feel free to contact me, if you want to see the carnage first-hand.

~ Michael

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Not at all Mr Stollaire we are in direct contact with you everyday. As you know UPS is a big machine and moves slow. By doing diffamation or complaimning about our services will not help we have over 1000 clients that are satisfy and of couarse it cant be 100%.

We will not engage in this conversation as you are covered by credit card and UPS insurance.

The problem is that you submitted the wrong gear and tempered with the rigs before we could retreive it.

We are on target with UPS if you would like to go faster please contact UPS head office

Thank you…

BTW: we did not break the rig and this is why we are hiring third party evaluator in CA and mandate him with findind what REALLY HAPPEN?

I don’t understand @michael.stollaire as reading mining rig thread I see you were defending this company when you discovered others were making the same claim,you backed this company and offered yourself as a reference and now you are claiming there a scam,you should not be offering references to people unless you are sure they are legit as this causes others to use the service and get caught out too, Saying that I do feel if one of your rigs was damaged in transit it should be replaced and seller should claim from UPS I know I would not buy from any company knowing that if my purchase was damaged by delivery company I would not get a replacement immediately,I have been in this position with other goods a couple of times and always replaced by seller with an apology! Asking you to wait while insurance and investigation goes on is not good and shows that the company is run from a spare room on a shoestring, if you paid with credit card then you should be able to get them to refund your money as goods were not received as described.f

@zminer1 perhaps you should explain why you are not prepared to replace faulty goods received! It is your responsibility to insure the mining gear reaches buyer in a working order without damage,if damage happens on transit to customer then you are responsible and obligated to replace and make a claim from carrier yourself, asking customer to wait till you receive compensation is just wrong and if that’s the case then I am afraid you have been exposed as another disreputable dealer looking to make a quick buck from newbie miners,this crypto business has attracted so many scammers and thieves it’s making it very difficult for crypto currency to be taken seriously.

Why lie, and say that I tampered with the rigs?

I opened the box, and found one rig partially destroyed and the other one completely destroyed.

Is opening the box your definition of tampering? If so, you are the only person in the world that has that definition.

Again, waiting until UPS reimburses you, before I get the product I ordered is horrific customer service.

No doubt but the client in already as 24 month guarantee on all parts from the manufacturer and we ( client & us) have reason to beleive custom was part of the destruction. UPS and us need proof of that. We aggreed to fix the rig and replace the parts already.

The situation is different as the client sent us picture of one damage rig but tempered with parts of the other. We wont start and never did change blind eye upon request.

Finally we know people in cryptocurrencies sometime try manoeuvre between some line we wont go. We respect the client and are rigs are top quality. We have people in queue for our rigs, we are handling it the best way we can.

Please feel free to share your claim link Mr Stollaire the claim is under investigation because the original rig you claim is different then the rigs UPS took pictures.

Very simple: I count on vendors do to their best, but even when they do, sometimes things to arrive damaged in the mail. This is just a fact. I have a home in Hawaii on the island of Kauai. When you order things via Amazon around 10-20% of the time, the items are damaged. You can count on it. When it happens, I ask Amazon for a replacement or refund, and it is done instantly, and another product is shipped out within 2-5 business days. This is what I call excellent customer service.

Waiting for a UPS claim to be fulfilled for 2 months is not excellent customer service. It’s how you lose customers.

I wanted to build an entire farm based on their rigs, but obviously I will need to find another more reputable vendor to do that.

I’m a very patient man, and I try to understand these situations as much as possible, because I am a small business owner myself.

However, I hope you can understand why my patience has run out.

With that said, I did not know about the credit card slant on this scenario, so I will look into my old statements, and ask them for a refund. Since I am a Visa black card holder and JP Morgan Chase Palladium card holder, I am sure they will do this for me in roughly one millisecond. :wink:

[quote=“michael.stollaire, post:5, topic:14039, full:true”]
Why lie, and say that I tampered with the rigs?

I opened the box, and found one rig partially destroyed and the other one completely destroyed.

Is opening the box your definition of tampering? If so, you are the only person in the world that has that definition.

As you well know, it was my original idea that Customs is to blame for all damage involved, as they may have looked at the product under an X-Ray machine and saw a potential bomb. We do live in a post-911 world, and they were doing their job.

But please, if you say you respect your customer, and I am numbered amongst them, please do not lie and say I tampered with the rigs, as I did not. I opened the box, found it in this condition, immediately took pictures and shared them with you.

Feel free to do so if you can we are not stoping you in anyway. We are with UPS investigating what happen. From our first glance there is 2 cards and 2 riser damage by custom IF in fact it was them?

Thanks for clarifying @michael.stollaire it would seem no matter if customs caused the damage or ups you should receive a replacement immediately and looks like you have been scammed by another crypto scumbag, just a shame your not setting up your mining farm in Hawaii as I would have enjoyed a nice holiday while building and setting it up for you lol hope you can get this resolved ASAP but I would get a refund from credit card company as your well within your rights,

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If people, if educated people sorry would not mind. I would like to share the tread of event without name calling or any other behavior of the sort. This is a matter we can sort out. I love crypto and I keep my word it will be fixed. Since 2010 i am helping the community and learning everyday.

Thank ill be in tomorrow now Eric and his kids are having a nice movie i wont call and disturb him for this.

We will be both here tomorrow with UPS claim verdict as it is close!

Out of interest are you shipping fully assembled rigs? In my experience this is going to end badly more often than not.