Binance to Disable ZEC Trading in France, Italy, Poland and Spain by the End of June

Same thing applies to Monero and Dash


Well, besides France it seems they’re also disabling trading in Italy, Spain and Poland.

Quite the setback for privacy coins.

Binance to delist privacy tokens in France, Italy, Spain and Poland,


Not a big surprise that as European political regimes continue to drift more right wing conservative that their policies will also drift in that direction. Sad era for privacy projects and for the millions in Europe who could benefit from them.


This is not a right-wing issue. There is broad agreement between both left and right in Europe that financial privacy is bad.

As I have said, we must prepare for the possibility of Zcash being banned in every major jurisdiction. That means not switching to a PoS protocol with low node count, integrating network privacy and decreasing storage requirements.


I read about this event earlier in the Italian community on TG. Very sad this happens.

Spain (banks) has been applying regulations on cryptocurrency for a while. My sister got blocked by her bank when she tried to use her credit card to buy some a while ago. (It seems some banks started creating plataforms for cryptos but you need to register first) So, I’m not surprised that these restrictions are now affecting privacy coins such as ZEC.

I wonder what those requirements are thatZEC and other privacy coins don’t meet? Detailed transparent transaction data?

What’s next?

Well, for me, try to find other safe options to trade ZEC in Spain, France, Italy… Because, just as in @EnderAR’s Zcash Crusader: Nexus Corp., the Evil Fiat and their allies (governments) want to rule the world and taking control of citizens’ finances…

“There’s a life beyond Binance exchange. You just have to do your own search and find them. There’s always a way out”


$ZEC #Binance


We must continue to educate and teach people to use decentralized, non-custodial tools. That is the challenge!


I made this podcast, today, talking about that News. In Spanish.


I’ll say it here, like I said it on twitter.

Put ZEC on Cosmos. That way it doesn’t matter if they delist ZEC because you can swap it with any other asset through IBC. What will they do? Delist ATOM as well?


Doesnt apply just to cosmos. Ethereum, Avalanche (bridge already WIP) etc. all would fit this purpose. More bridges.

Also, if we had stablecoins on ZEC, we might not need offramping that much.


I would prefer IBC compared to bridges, but sure. Those can work in a similar fashion. I think IBC is safer and native, while bridges are a band aid.

It would not be native ZEC and therefore offer no privacy at all.


IBC is a bridge. It’s just a bridge that is trust minimized. Its only native to cosmos chains.

There are ways to build trust minimized bridges to other chains as well.


You are missing the point

Direct ZEC offramps get blocked

No way to offramp ZEC :frowning:

Bridges that allow to bridge ZEC to another chain that has defi

Now anyone can trade bridgedZEC to another asset which they can offramp :slight_smile:

So the bridge operates just like an offramp. You perform your private transactions on Zcash itself, then just bridge off when you want to offramp.

My point is that ZEC combines the current tech with cosmos PoS. It will be “native” and preserve privacy.

Can ordinals work on Zcash? A stable coin on Zcash would be :fire:

@JoakimEQ How does it preserve privacy? Afaik, this is not a native bridge. You get wrapped zec which is transparent.

@GriffGreen Ordinals work by tracing each sats through transactions using the FIFO rule. It is impossible to do on any privacy coin.

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I don’t suggest we wrap ZEC into Cosmos. I’m saying we create a sidechain using Cosmos SDK. I’m not sure on the specifics, but basically Zcash could replace the GPU mining with Tendermint.

I mean most offramps today for ZEC are transparent in the way you describe as well. Especially Binance etc. that is the whole point of this thread.

My point is that because crypto is pseudonymous, it doesn’t matter if parts of your transactions are public. As long as there is no link between your ZEC accounts right? So shutting down ZEC on Binance doesnt matter AS LONG as we have bridged.

If I get shielded ZEC from someone, even if I bridge it out by first sending it to a completely new unshielded address, it doesnt matter because no one knows where that ZEC came from.


  1. I sell my car to someone for 1000 ZEC, they transfer it to my shielded address from their shielded address. No one knows this happened.

  2. Then I send 1000 ZEC, or parts of 1000 ZEC to a unshielded address.

  3. Then I bridge that 1000 ZEC to Avalanche, sell it on an AMM, and off-ramp.

(4. Optionally there might be some ways in the future to introduce further privacy on the AVAX side as well.)

Even though 2 and 3 are public, it doesn’t matter. Know one knows about what it relates to or who.


Yes, as long as you do the right shielding / unshielding. However, due to low transaction volumes (unspammed), it is currently fairly easy to correlate 1. & 2. then 3.


Seems like Accountless Crypto Exchanger. Simple, Fast and Private | also removed ZEC support completely.

It’s one of the exchanges mentioned on Buy Zcash - Zcash as well.