Biostar 12GPU ATX Motherboard TB250 BTC PRO V.2 To Be Released Soon (End June/Beg July)

This is a very limited edition Motherboard coming from Biostar.
This board is designed to run 12 GPU’s. A Mix of AMD and Nvidia GPUs on the same baord.
There will only be a few thousand of these produced in their first production run (for the world).

I’m currently told that you can run up to 8 of one brand of GPU + 4 of the other brand in Windows 10. I am unsure of the max per brand in linux, or how this would work in linux, if it would work in linux)

Similar Specifications to TB250

  • B250 Chipset
  • DDR4
  • ATX Board
  • same input/output panel

Main difference:

  • 12 PCIE Slots (1 16x slot and 11 1x slots)


update: i should have this board next week, so I will be testing it out.
stay tuned

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great, but did anyone actually able to order a V1 ?

I tried to order them from the EU, was not able to find any sellers. Tried to become a reseller and never got a reply. Seems they dont want to sell.

Lots of people ordered V1
didn’t you see Jacks build?

When I build my 12 GPU build Jack is getting a big shout out.

(btw, these boards seem to be stuck at customs so will have to wait a bit longer, hopefully not that much longer though)… might end up doing the H110 build before the TB250V.2

And its not that they don’t want to, seems they just can’t produce enough.

lemme rephrase that then , we from the NL havent found and EU seller as of yet, well unless if i wanted to pay 480$

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zombie culture

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update: since i found no webshop in NL or nearby in the EU that could sell me these boards.

I asked biostar if my company could resell them and we got accepted. So if anyone in NL (or EU) is looking for these boards drop me a line. We are already working on a webshop for online/direct ordering and will be online soon.

hey there dont know how to send you private msg as im on phone. Could you tell me how much will they cost. PM or anything. Thank you

Their retailing at 214.99€ each, including VAT.

for farm owners / resellers that buy bulk a discount can be arranged

will you order a bulk and resell? Im not a big miner but me and my friend are just entertainung the idea about making a rig case. were thinking of up to 9 gpu, but seeing this mobo we need to go larger. tldr; if youre ordering to NL what is the ransport costs for you etc… thank you for your time

i am selling them single pieces from the webshop. We’re NL based so if you are in NL to shipping would be less then 10 euro

slovenia so id say 20-30 eur cca per whole package of random number of mbs. Do you already have them in stock? and do you have website?

dunno, never send to there, but sounds bout right.

arriving next week

what do you mean you’ve never sent to slovenia we’re like major players in europe! (sarcasm off). thanks for the info ill talk to my friend. meantime id ask you for website or email for further contact. best regards

email is … once the online store is ready ill give out the link.

thank you crosswire.

I can send to Sovenia. I will have the SUPx 12 GPU boards in a couple of days.

6 left for pre-orders as of now.

yeah preorders going fast here too … biostar is having a blast, any and all distri is pulling their entire stock away :slight_smile:

crypto your site says no more mbs available:) does anyone of you have gpu stock i need quite few