Bitcoin Gold mining - are you going to switch?

Hey to all Zcash miners. Are you going to move to BTG mining after the mainnet will be started on 13th of November?

We have just released the official BTG mining guide (with BTG team support):

Will be appreciated for comments.

No offense, but Bitcoin Gold lost all appeal when a) the main developer had to put a bounty out to get the replay protection sorted and b) once I realized that there is a pre-mine!

You do a pre-mine, maybe, if you start something completely new. Not when you fork off a live system!

I laughed for a week and both the replay protection and the pre-mine have been the grounds for many jokes and laughter amongst friends.

Bitcoin Gold = :-1:t3:


Yes, there were some problems but all seem to be solved now. BTG team officialy started testnet. So, why not to join :slight_smile:

Otherwise known as a scam. Nope.

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A fools errand is why not

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NO2X: Next Week’s Hard Fork Has Been “Suspended” Due to a Lack of Consensus

via Blockfolio:

Oh yea this too

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