Hop on the first rocket to the moon with BTG mining!

Join an already big and still growing community to mine some btg.

We have created a pool with permanent ddos protection to prevent any kiddos attacks.
You will have to create a BitcoinGold Wallet to join the mining community. You can create one by following the tutorial on the website

The pool comes with :
Permanent DDOS protection.
NiceHash happy hours
Huge headstart to be the first miners on every single blocks
Permanent support on the telegram chat
Android app to check live stats and be notified
Mining stratum proxy 100% supported (zecproxy)

A tutorial on how to mine is available on the website.

If you have any question about the pool you can ask any admin in the chat.

I hope you’re all pumped and ready to throw some sols in there !!
To join the telegram go to this link : https://t.me/goldenshowerio
The website is at : http://goldenshow.io

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Yeah heard it was a big joke by many that tried to mine thru last night. Stay away.

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Yeah… I’M IN !!!

now my machine running for BTG 50%

is it even minable for ordinary mortals.

Of course my fellow human

Hi guys.
Thank you for listing https://github.com/BScrk/zecproxy stratum proxy !
I can confirm than zecproxy works fine with http://goldenshow.io pool.

where how and on which pool?

Tutorials and tools available here ^^


On goldenshow.io ofc

Sorry guys but zcash is the golden child, i hope your btg mining dump is profitable though i wouldn’t stray too long

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First block has been found ladies and gentlemen

the womens on the goldenshow website are making the webpage so serious…

Wow, you should click that link to see just what kind of “gold” they’ve got because apparently its no good without sex, laugh out loud
Edit- dont post more filth on the forum

You fools mining BitcoinGold makes the Zcash network difficulty go down, so feel free to continue! :slight_smile:


Luck 6512.330 Days lol

yup, nice work, confirmation will follow in the day.

nice infogrpahic for whose want to get their BTG in a secure wallet https://i.imgur.com/RQ2jFnn.png

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Small tutorial on how to mine BTG => https://medium.com/@choual/review-mining-bitcoin-gold-is-easy-9c2382575f8c