ZEC Mining Rewards Back Up ! Difficulty drop. Great time to mine!

Not sure it’s VTC and Bitcoin Gold but there’s a been a 30% drop in difficulty and and earning are back up due to that !
(Rewards shown in graph are based on 5kh/s

Just wanted to share and give a heads up !


I noticed too nice $)

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The ETH hardfork likely helped (increasing ETH profitability) plus ZenCash seems to be attracting hashpower too.

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How about that hashrate! $)

Oh yeah baby :slight_smile: Mine away lads!

Bgold isnt live for now still doing testnet so they moved somewhere else

I have been pouring my ZEC into Vertcoin lately so this is most welcome news

but will be live soon a test wallet just came today people trying to mine the test coin to it to test the transactions but nobody knows if the pools start to accept the real address at least supernova isnt updated and dont know the G type address of Bgold

Looks good! I’d like to get back into zcash mining with my rig now…any updated AMD miners/guides for Linux(Ubuntu)? Thanks in advance!

I use claymore with my firepro 7s, theres plenty of guides though i dont know of any updated ones per say, id suggest researching the newer ones you do find and glean off what you can, sorry im a windows kid (95 was cool but 3.1 was where it was at)!
Edit-i use driver amd ver.14.301.1010.1001

Thanks for the reply! I’m currently looking into silentarmy, hope it works well.

With etherium being the price it is my zcash mining payment time increments have decreased from about 13-11 hr to 11-9 hours! Kool aid- oh yea

@Autotunafish Yep … Rewards are up again :slight_smile:

what do you use for this?

Its for comparing mining profitability, a lower difficulty means a faster hash, more sols equaling more pay

What is the name of this program ?

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@alexandredr @brainbudt Sorry for late reply way away, it’s a webapp i built for my self to help consolidate mining data. I can send a link if you want but be aware that i built it for my self so not the sexiest looking thing :slight_smile:

yea I want it …

Me too :slight_smile: