Zcash nicehash pool is having problems

Ok guys, here is the thing, i don’t know what is wrong with zcash nicehash pool, but fact of the matter is, i have 2 pretty much identical rigs, with 6 amd cards each etc, one working on nicehash and the other another pool, so the one working on nicehas was giving me 10 times less payout for same period of time than the other rig, ie I was getting 0,01 per some period of time on one rig and only 0,001 on nicehash rig, once i switched to both rigs to that other pool (not a nicehash one) i started to get 0,02 for each period of time.

So either nicehash is a scam, or something is very wrong with calculations behind it, one way or they other, but its not cool guys.

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Despite the fact that i don’t know who you are , i must admit Agree

Nicehash stole my 30 Bitcoins
I had 2 zcash in the first hour of lunch , and the didn’t pay out until the price drop to one 1 tenth

I’m missing tons of hash too, but not just from nicehash.
suprnova.cc wasn’t matching the hashes put out either so I left them too.
I’ve been having way better luck solo mining.

I think all the pools are misconfigured in some terrible way. There aren’t that many bits of pool software out there and they all derive from the same one or two codebases.

They don’t bother testing this stuff because there are no repercussions for being wrong and failing epicly. In the meantime there is a ton of money to be made selling the coins in their wallet on the open market and buying back in while it’s cheaper then just claiming some technical malfunction.

Sorry guys but that 40BTC buy earlier was no technical malfunction and if you were based in the USA it would have been a criminal act. I didn’t give you permission to speculate on the market with my coins.

First, we are sorry to hear you had bad experience with us.

But we didn’t scammed anyone.
NiceHash is running since 2014 and we didn’t receive any complaints or legal threats - we are a well established and respected company in the niche. We are serving many 10 thousands of miners and buyers. Connecting sellers and buyers on the level no one ever imagined it can be reached.

But still and unfortunately, our pool is unstable at this time as we publicly admitted many times over. We are working hard to resolve all the issues. Many of them are resolved but some still appear. It is in our best interest that we have a stable and working pool. No one expected it will be that bad.

Everything regarding the malfunction of the pool I notice and read at this board I fwd to the developers and pool operator. If you feel helpful, you can send us more details about your worker(s) id(s) and more technical details - as much as you can - maybe we still have some undetected issues and would be helpful for pool operator and devs to track them down.

Thank you for your help and patience.

How did we steal your 30 BTC? Please provide id of the transaction (txid).

right, well i would maybe send you a description . maybe even earlier except you guys did not bother to provide any details for support on your web-site, just checked it again right now.

And i cann see where this dude about 30 btc is coming from, that idea, is that ZEC was very expensive initially, so he could ve sold his ZEC for 30 btc, but he didn’t because your pool did not pay those ZEC to him on time. So effectivelly its like your fault, that he is missing 30 btc in his wallet.

Not that this argument hold any value, but i see where this is coming from. Anyway, guys this is really bad ethics.

For that matter i’m also missing quite some ZEC, because amount of ZEC i got mining for the past of couple of days is nowhere near proportionate to hasrate i put into this.

lmao what kind of logic is that ?

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The kind of logic , that is called timing , perhaps you are familiar with that as you are working on cryptocurrency world

If there could be transaction ID’s for that you wouldn’t steal that much , there is no point in responding to this thread you have already made your fortune by selling other people’s effort in your benefit .

Just go and start another kind of scam

@wolfy and @Azadmard
All pools had similar if not same problems. Problems with wallet implementations, Blocks were being held and pool had a bad luck for few hours after the launch.
And that’s the reason why demand was high - close to zero ZEC on market. Meaning higher prices for ZEC (economy 101).

If you really can’t understand this, I will start to think you two are trolling me.

Yes, I’ve been long enough in crypto to know that’s crying, not logic.

The fact that you mine with an experimental miner on pool that use an experimental code that use a new technology while being DDoS hard constantly and the variance is huge is not optional. There is no “if”. There is no “blaming on the others”. All of this was expected.
The only few little elite that could sell tiny tiny fractions of ZEC at insane price on Poloniex were not the average GPU hobby miners that blame it on the pool.
And you know what ? Those few people did not use any GPU nor pool and they are not any pool admin. Simply people that know what to do from hard learned experience.

No amateur make money in crypto (unless extreme luck). Fact.
There is no free money created out of the computer. This is a myth.


well, honestly being an amateur :slight_smile: i can realate - i will give this reply one big fat ugly LIKE :slight_smile: because its true ! ))

yep, for sure.

however nicehash is running a modified zcash daemon with an additional coinbase tx, which i find dishonest. by all means, they are welcome to retain some ZEC from the blocks mined, but right off the bat?

feel free to check https://explorer.zcha.in/accounts/t1gbAeQB1nWC7yhKZeTjhoFLg9NHEhBs5qw

I just didnt like the fact that I had to be mining at the time to see my balance… what if im not mining and want to see if my balance has been updated… really needs improvement on this pool i agree.

Any advice on how to mine solo? tx

A. Easy - Mine with CPUs using the main Zcash client.
B. Hard - Setup a private pool and mine on it.
C. Very hard - Modify/build your own GPU miner that can solo mine.

Best advice is going on in steemit.chat/#zcash

This ‘cut’ fee made by the pool sw. not by the daemon.
But this is the default method in nomp:

damn, my bad… nomp does allow the coinbase reward to be split.

Can you solo mine witn a window client. ALl i have seen is just the linux clients. I do not have linux.