Bitnand 8GPU 4U Barebone

Anyone tried using one of these before? It’s an enclosed 4U server case.

I want to use it for my 1080Ti set-up. Anyone got feedback on these mining rigs?

For money saving purposes, I wouldn’t use a U4 at all. Just stick with a wire shelving unit if you’re building a GPU setup.

But there are several factors why one shouldn’t use wire shelving:

  1. Aesthetics looks horrible, especially on a large scale. Wire mgmt is a headache

  2. Lack of airflow control. The 4U case has 3 powerful fans that create a uni-directional airflow that draws hot air outside of the case

  3. Lack of air filtration. Your GPUs will accumulate a large amount of dust on its heatsink and fan.

Number 2 and 3 are easily solvable much more cheaply (especially with more GPUs) than buying an expensive 4U case. As for looks, I actually prefer being able to see the GPUs. Wire management is even worse in a small frame. It decreases airflow in a 4U setup.

The only advantage of a 4U case is that it’s modular. Not worth the $ though.

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I concur with @root, I have a couple of my rigs in modified 4U cases and they weren’t worth the $200 I spent on them. Airflow is terrible despite using Noctua Industrial fans and the rigs need to be run with the top cover off. The only major benefit is portability, it’s easy to close up your case and transport the rigs without worry. However most people will never need to move their rigs, so there’s really no benefit to justify the cost, unless you’re a little OCD with your aesthetics and just have to have everything in a case.

@PUBGKing If you’re worried about dust accumulating on your GPU fans/heatsinks, you can buy an electronics duster for a lot less than you’ll spend on cans of compressed air. Here’s the unit I currently use:

That’s a good pointer for the duster. Many thanks mate!

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