Mining overheating issues

Hi guys whats up?

Im running a mining room with 42 rigs containing 450 GPU’s, Im struggling with overheating issues, if any one out their mining with this scale, please hit me up on how to keep my riggs from overheating.

If anyone knows whats the cheapest and effective way to create airflow to the room please hit me up.

You’ll get more valuable feedback if you post photos and a detailed description of what you’re already doing. Otherwise it sounds like: “The food I cooked doesn’t taste good, can you guess what I did wrong?”

  • Was it A? “No I did A, keep guessing”
  • Was it B? “No I did B, keep guessing, keep putting your time into this”
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Without cooling the air you’re going to have to maximize the airflow, with that many rigs your room should feel like a wind tunnel


well a lot of info’s missing like what the room ventilation how close are the gpus what are the temperatures on the gpus , the room, and outside temps. are you searching for a complete plag and play (plug and cool) product/solution to purchase or you are skilled enough to create something on your own atc

That’s a lot of little reactors to have in one room. There’s no way you’re going to cool that much heat, so the only realistic solution is to move the hot air outside. Make sure your air intake into the room is filtered and dehumidified if you are in a humid area.

You might consider an intermediate air treatment room for dehumidifying before it flows into your mining room.

But as @autotunafish said, you’re going to need a heck of a lot of airflow.

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Im Currently running the rigs in a room 3 X 5 Meters long, with 3 A/C outputting (6 tones A/C) with 23 fans mostly hitting the riggs directly.

But I Am suffering from room suffocation, what is the best way to suck heat out of the room while using my A/C to effectively hit the riggs directly?

wow that is quite a small room for so many rigs u already have A/C there and tons of fans and it still enough the only thing what i can think about is to go for water cooling which will have the heat dispensers and one big water tank outside the room that would help you to get the heat outside if it wouldnt bee enough i would add an old fridge and place the watter tank into it (dont forget to add antifreeze to the water in such case ) . you dont mentioning if you have some windows there you could completely replace them with 1 or 2 turbines that would suck the heat out … you also dont mention what is the room temp.but i dont thing that at this stage using just a fan would help you

You need to get air flowing through the room. I would suggest a powerful intake fan and similar exhaust fan. That way, although the GPUs in the room will generate heat, the airflow will move the hot air out the room.

I’ve read in lots of places that you only need exhaust fans, but unless you have enough air coming in, the exhaust fans are not going to work properly and I can speak from experience. Small gaps under doors or windows is not sufficient.

I don’t think people realise the amount of heat generated from that many GPUs. My setup (350+ GPUs) ended up with air temperature close to 50C before I got the right solution to cool it down and intake as well as exhaust fans were the solution - ultimately get the air flowing…

that is thru but when you create a wind tunel in such small room woldnt be the A/C useless ?

Maybe this would help Does the room have a window or an outside facing wall? One that you wouldn’t mind cutting a 12-13 inch hole through?

The air coming in has to cycle out, if your exhaust is on the ceiling you might re-utilize any cool air that passes through the rig and down to the floor (is essentially wasted) by circulating it around to be reused whilst removing the very warm air that rises to the ceiling, this will boost negative pressure and draw more air from your a/c vent (the rooms intake), without removing the hot air your a/c intake will be less efficient because of the air pressure in the room

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I think it would be better to try and remove the hot air rather than trying to cool down the air in the room. They could feed the rigs cooler air from the rest of the place.

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Yes you could bypass the need for a/c completely with sheer volumetric exchange, its physics, the more air that comes across the surface of the heat sinks and such, the more energy is transferred through entropy, cold air just absorbs more energy

well that depends on the outside temp as well blowing let say 35 or 40 deg of Celsius in such small romm is not so good that why i asked for the temps he has :smiley:

Yes the air flow rate and its ambient temperature correlate to produce the overall effect, so both must be taken into consideration, itd be like a rig with minimal fans running in a deep freezer versus strapping it down and running it in an actual wind tunnel (ya know like 150mph wind), these with adjustment could produce a desired overall effect, obviously these are extremes with their alternates being running your rig in a normal room with no fans and strapping it down in a freezing cold wind tunnel, you must balance the two somehow to get what you’re looking for
Edit- so if you can’t move a lot of air you have to cool it down more somehow (like kosos idea) , if you can’t cool it down anymore you’ve got to move more air those are pretty much your only choices

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Putting an intake and an outake fan on the walls or windows attached to aluminum ducts will do wonders to your temperatures. Maybe you’ll be able to remove one or two of the ACs after doing that.

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I have a 5 x 5 meters long room with 4 shelves. 2x of them have 88 1070 + 8 x 1080 TI and the other 2x shelves has 94 x 1080 TI. For one month i was mining with 2x shelves 1070 x 88 GPU’s and i had 3 A/C 2 Ton each total of 6 Tons and 2 heavy duty fans. Only had 5 Grills on the sealing without exhaust installed just naturally the hot air would raise up. The room was freezing roughly 20-22 Celsius. Only today i set up the 2x Shelves of 1080 TI with 104 total cards and it became a nightmare. The roam was so hot that all my pc self shutdown from how hot it was. The room was very suffocating and extremely hot. I have now total of 4 A/C with 4 Heavy Duty Fans blowing on them it made no difference. I am not quiet sure if i add a heavy duty exhaust to suck out the hot air would shoot out all this heat fast as they generate extreme heat quickly. Here is a video of my room when it was fine with 2 shelves (1070 and 2x Heavy duty fans + 3 A/C ) working perfectly fine. Would appreciate feedback’s regarding my expansion of 2 shelves of 1080 TI how to cool the room as i feel mind blanked.

regarding the 3rd and 4th shelves basically 1 is on the left next to the wall bent to make U shape of the wall, same as the 4th shelve on the right of the wall since the space is not huge. But all my shelves are in the front while all the A/C’s are in the back along with the fans.

It’s pretty simple to calculate BTUs added to to the air, and how many air changes or what A/C size will be required to maintain a certain temperature. Why ask a forum when you could pick up any HVAC reference manual and figure it out?

Finally found a solution to cool them. 1080 TI needs to be mined at lower power limit roughly at 60-70% , you can go higher if you can cool it. I made it 60% which made the cooling waaaaaaay better and easier. Yes i do lose some hash but rather not spend thousands on more cooling machines and electric bills at least not now. Maybe at some point of expansion it could be worth it.