Block explorer setup script

I’ve written a (heavily commented) script to automate setup of a block explorer for the beta2 testnet on Ubuntu 16.04. It uses @str4d’s fork of zcash with the patches needed to run the Insight block explorer on bitcore.
I’ll be updating it to support future release candidates and of course when things go live with the Genesis block on the 28th.
Its at:

Please leave any feedback or questions here or hit me up on Slack!

As always, donations in fiat to PayPal.Me or BTC to 1AsoFtYfV2mCpCS98Qf3ytKs8y9VSzZ4V5


Thanks for all your contributions :+1:

Can’t get it running on Ubuntu 16.4 LTS :frowning:
Any online version available?
Should it work with rc1?

They have binary packages out now that should work on Ubuntu 16:

The binary packages don’t include blockchain exploer I guess.
Getting zcache running was not my issue.

Ah, I misunderstood you!

rc1 isn’t resetting the testnet blockchain, beta2 and rc1 should both function on it.

I’ll update my block explorer setup scripts later today