Blog: Payment Contexts & Reusing Shielded Addresses

In putting together documentation on Privacy & Security Recommendations, we wanted to express the safety in reusing shielded addresses while making it clear that users should maintain different payment addresses for contexts which shouldn’t be associated. It was difficult to describe clearly in a sentence or two, so we decided to write a blog post about the topic to fill in extra information.

So check it out if you haven’t, yet!



I would also add somewhere in there the bit about how the more shielded addresses in a wallet, the longer it takes to startup zcashd or to re-scan, etc.

I’ve just spent a bunch of time trying to find an online page that has examples of what ZCash shielded-addresses look like – and still at a loss. I’d suggest all shielded-address mentions (in FAQ, privacy recommendations, blog posts, etc) include a short aside with “here’s an example shielded address (‘z-address’), in this case for [worthy ZCash-accepting cause]”.

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An example of a z-address:

It belongs to me. Feel free to send some ZEC :wink:

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