Bought ZEC but wallet is empty

I installed zcash4win and bought some ZEC through Litecoin. They comfirmed my payement but I don’t see any ZEC in my wallet. The balance is at 0. When I contacted Litecoin, they ensured me that the transaction to my wallet was executed and confirmed.
The amount in Euro is deducted from my bankaccount…

What did I do wrong ? Why do I have 0 ZEC in my wallet ?

Thanks for your help.


ZEC and litecoin are two different currencies. If you buy litecoin, but send it to a ZEC address, the money will be returned to the original owner.

@Sven1 what do you mean by “bought some ZEC through Litecoin”? What service did you use to facilitate this? shapeshift? - …not sure how your bank account ties into all this. Please be a bit more clear about what you have done so I can try and help you out. I have read what you said and it does not make much sense.

Also I’m not sure who you contacted … it sounds like you are new to this space. Always remember no one controls these cryptos. There is no “Litecoin” for you to contact so I’m not sure who you have been in touch with… Always check on the blockchain yourself and dont rely on others word. You can look at your own transaction using a block explorer.

I noticed that I made a mistake. I bought ZEC through and not through Litecoin.

@Blazin8888 I noticed that I made a mistake. I bought them through Anycoindirect. And you are correct, I’m new indeed.

Check your address on this site. There you can see transaction history.

Actually I would recommend the Minergate explorer for this purpose, not zchain. zchain sometimes misses transactions and calculates incorrect balances.