Receive but dont see the Coins!

zCash was sent to my t-address. I received this via the zCash Lite 1. 4. 1.
The sender sent me a link where you can see that the coins are out. I was also able to view the transaction via the wallet under “view on explorer”, which already had 450 confirmations.

The problem is, I didn’t get any coins! What do I do in such cases? Anybody got any tips for me? Thank you.

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Zecwallet Lite does automatic fund management, which will opportunistically shield your transparent funds when you make an outgoing transaction. Thus, your coins may have been automatically moved to one of your wallet’s z-addresses. Check the balances of your z-addresses.

Thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately, none of the z addresses have coins on them. I also tried transferring the amount to a newly created z address, but that doesn’t work either. The funny thing is that under “view on explorer” you can see the transaction. Here I see that exactly the amount that should come in was sent to the desired t-address, but unfortunately nothing is shown to me in the wallet.

Try doing a rescan. From the “Wallet” menu, select “Rescan”.


I try it, but this didnt work.
I only can see in the explorer of the wallet that the coins send to my wallet, but they are not on my wallet.